Chucky + David / Chukkar Farm Polo Club Wedding

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When I get to witness two different cultures come together in a marriage, it warms my heart in a special way because I too am in a multi-cultural marriage.  If you follow along our business and life journey, I'm sure you know by now that Craig is a Canadian and I'm a South Korean.  I feel like people in multiracial marriages bond in a special way because we "get it".  There are unique joys and challenges that we all have in common, and I love sharing those things together.   Through our business, we get to experience many different cultures, and it is seriously fascinating to us!  We learn something about other culture every single weekend, and we don't take that for granted.  I think it is a unique thing that we only as Americans can experience especially here in Atlanta.  I believe that learning gives us more knowledge which leads to more understanding and appreciation of one another which can only give us more unity.  Although Craig have met Chucky + David before, it was my first time meeting them in person on their wedding day.  I had no idea what they looked like when we were communicating via email before their wedding.  When we first went into the bridal room, Chucky was getting her makeup done, and all I could think was, "WOW!  She is gorgeous!"  She showed her dresses (yes ladies... that's plural - how awesome, right?!) to us, and I could not wait for her to put them on for the portraits.  One of my fav things about Indian weddings as a photographer are the stunning, vibrant colors.  Everything just pops and is just breathtakingly beautiful.  These colors are not what we usually see, so it gives us more creative ideas.  Craig especially LOVED the combo of rustic + Indian that Chucky and David went for.  It was so unique, and I just could see his brain juices overflowing as we were preparing for the portraits.  When the guys arrived to the venue, I finally got to meet David and as expected, he was the kindest person ever!  Planning their wedding together over phone and email was so easy, and you could just tell in his voice that he was very friendly (and, he has the best beard ever!). It's just no wonder that these two are the most perfect match.  You could just sense the love that they had for one another during their first look that I could not help but literally say, "awe" out loud the whole time I was shooting.  He was totally mesmerized by Chucky's beauty, and a beauty she was indeed!  It was such a pleasure to work with their bridesmaids and groomsmen too... they helped out so much and you could tell that they sincerely cared about our couple.  Well, let me just be quiet so that you guys can go ahead and see for yourselves how beautiful their wedding was.  Chucky + David, you guys have been so wonderful to us, and we are so grateful for that!  Thank you for everything... it was an honor to be part of your day!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong