Christina + Peter / Piedmont Park Engagement

Piedmont Park Atlanta Engagement Portraits_0018.jpg

"Do you ever get tired of weddings?" is a question that we often get asked.  Are you kidding me?  No... We have lost count, but since our business has begun, we have shot around 300 weddings now, and we have cried at every single one at one point of the wedding or another.  Craig and I have told each other that the day that we don't feel emotions on a wedding day is the day that our career/business is over.  And, it's not just the emotions that drives us, but it's also people that we get to meet.  We are so blessed to have a job that allows us to explore this world a bit more!  Well, a lot more!  We get to meet folks from all sorts of cultures, jobs, and different paths of life.  It helps us to keep our minds open which leads to much more understanding, compassion and love.  That leads us to our story of Christina + Peter.  We met this beautiful duo at Peter's brother's wedding last fall.  We connected during their portrait session and again at the reception.  We were so excited to be shooting both of the brothers' weddings!  Loved how this couple just knew what they wanted and went for it!  We quickly scheduled our meeting together and boom!  It was done.  I can't tell you how much I LOVE great decision makers!  Also, Christina is someone who is in love with the art of photography and dreaming of her own business one day.  She was so willing to do whatever it took as a model, and as photographers, we greatly appreciate that!  As we strolled around Piedmont Park on a beautiful, Spring day, we really had a great time getting to know one another more and more.  They have a great relationship that is very comfortable, and it showed on camera.  Loved their smiles and their eyes.... yes, their EYES!  How beautiful!  They BOTH have eyes that just have this extra sparkle and when they look at the lens, their eyes pierce through.  And when light hits their eyes, all I could say was, "WOW, I'm done."  People's eyes say so much about them, and seriously... this couple is so genuine and beautiful.  Christina + Peter, you guys were so fun!  Thank you for trusting us as your photographers - it means so much more than you know.  We can't wait to see you again to celebrate you both on your wedding day!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong