Erica + Steve / Marriott Marquis & Terminus 330 Wedding

Terminus 330 Marriott Marquis Atlanta Wedding Portraits_0105.jpg

To say that Erica was the happiest bride we've ever seen is an understatement.  As soon as we walked into the hotel room where she was getting ready, it was already party time!  Music was blasting and the our bride and all of her bridesmaids were singing along to all of their fav songs together.  It wasn't just singing, this was a broadway performance!  So much excitement and energy was felt, and in an instant, we knew that this day was going to be a great one.  And it was indeed.  All of Erica's details were just perfect and we expected nothing less.  Her taste and style is one of the best we've seen, and we were very impressed with the presentation of her tables, food, and decor.  This spring's weather in Georgia has been very fickle and unpredictable, and it was quite hot on this day, but everything was inside, so it was awesome!  Even for the portraits, we had access to the rooftop of Terminus 330, so it just couldn't have been more convenient for everyone.  This venue is very memorable to us because we met David Tutera there a few years ago, and now we have wonderful memories of Erica + Steve's wedding too.  This couple really value what matters most... Just at a glance, you could tell that their friendships were solid... you could sense the loyalty in all of their relationships. Loved the emotions during the ceremony!  There were many happy tears and that is a great thing. As everyone was preparing for the reception, I couldn't help but notice how they were preparing all the foods.  The presentation was simply fabulous.  It caught my attention like no other buffet line.  You see, Erica has been in the catering business for a long time, and I just knew that her expectations and standards were very high!  They had many different stations, so instead of me describing it all to you, just be sure to scroll down for the those pics!  Also, instead of a wedding cake, she had a cookie station and wow.... they were the best cookies I've ever had!  I'm not a fan of any kind of cake, so to have cookies was so yummy to me!  Nice choice, you guys!  ;)  

And can we talk about her dress?  Yes, let do that... The fit was perfect.  I think sometimes more than the design, the fit is more important, and for Erica, both were on point.  Loved all the lace details and it fit her perfectly.  Loved that she chose to put her beautiful blonde hair down!  Steve looked simply dapper in his gray suit and together, these two were a wedding photographer's dream!  They didn't just look good, they were so easy to work with as well.  They were very comfortable and confident in front of the camera which made every shot just beautiful.  

When the dance floor opened, it was party time!  Loved the song list and all I can say is that this crowd could dance!  It was one joyful celebration, and all the Jewish traditions they incorporated was so awesome to experience as well.  They ended the night with confetti poppers, and wow.... I've never seen so much confetti at one time in my life!  What a unique way it was to do a "send off"... we really enjoyed capturing this moment.  Erica + Steve, you guys did an amazing job planning your wedding.  Really, job well done!  We loved everything about it, but more than anything, we loved YOU guys!  You were such a joy to work with and creating these unforgettable images with you was an honor.  Congratulations once again, and we wish you nothing but happiness, joy and love....

With much love,

Craig + Unchong