Audrienne + Corderell / Life University & Buckhead Engagement

Life University Buckhead Atlanta Skyline Engagement Portraits_0019.jpg

We all know that weddings take a lot of planning, but did you know that engagement portraits require a lot of work too?  I think one expectation that couples don't have for e-sessions is the planning that goes behind it.   Deciding on where to shoot and all the outfit preparations take a lot of time!  But, no worries because we are here to help with those things and make the planning process more enjoyable.  That's actually one of my fav things to do with our clients.... working with them with their outfits and finding the right style that fits their personality just right!  Audy of course did all the work and when she texted and emailed us photos, we had the easy part of saying, "YES!  YES!  and YES!"  First of all, her sense of style was superb (as you'll see in the photos), so it was just a matter of coordinating the right things with her and Corderell which she did!  Don't you agree that it turned out awesome?! I'm telling you... it was as if we had an audition for super models for this shoot or something because Audy + Corderell definitely looked like one!  The dresses that she chose left us speechless and on top of that, her makeup and hair was on point.  Corderell looked SHARP and when they stepped out of their car, we just knew that this shoot was going to go well!  

If you're a fellow Georgian, I'm sure you know what I mean when I say that we have maybe one week of Spring.  I feel like it's either too cold or too hot, riiiight?  They say it's going to hit the 90s already by this weekend, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  There's a reason why our city is nicknamed HOTlanta... BUT!  On this shoot... the weather was perfect.  It was one perfect Spring day.  The temps were just right!  We had the perfect amount of breeze as well as the most gorgeous light especially during sunset on the parking deck.  The sun literally glowed on our couple!  Audy + Corderell, you guys were so amazing... loved seeing you guys have a good time and smile so much!  You're a beautiful couple inside and out AND intelligent!  WOW!  We can't wait for your TN wedding in the fall!  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong