Katie + Goose / Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Wedding

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Wedding Atlanta Portraits53.jpg

I'll be able to remember Katie + Goose's wedding for many, many reasons for years and years to come.  First, it was on Cinco de Mayo.  It was a beautiful Spring day, and Katie's dress was gorgeous!  Well, let me clarify that... her dresses were beautiful.  Yes, she had two!  How about that, ladies?!  I've never seen so many Tiffany boxes at one time or so many doctors at one time or so many people in the entertainment industry at one time either.  (I was told that everyone on the bride's side is a doctor and everyone on the groom's side is in entertainment.) Then, I saw someone that looked so familiar arriving.... I never forget a face, and as soon as I saw this lady, I was like, "Where have I seen her?"  She looked at me too and after a few seconds, she said, "I'm your kids' doctor!"  OMG!  She's our pediatrician!  I had no idea that she was our bride's sister in law!  Wow, what a small world, huh?  THEN!  I see something else... something else was joining the celebration, and I just couldn't believe it.  It was a DONKEY!  Yes, a donkey!!  You see, Katie absolutely loves them, and she was so happy to have one join her for their wedding day.  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen at a wedding, and when Craig saw this adorable animal, I could just see his creative juices flowing.  On top of all these things, I will remember all the emotions especially from the groom.  He didn't just cry during the ceremony, but tears dropped from his eyes even afterwards during family portrait time.  His genuine emotions throughout the evening really showed us that he was truly happy and that he was overwhelmed with all the love from his beloved bride, his family and friends.  Katie had the biggest smile on all throughout day and looked stunning.  We had a great time photographing this couple and their big day, and the most memorable thing about their day was them... We loved working with Katie + Goose... they were so easy to work with and how blessed are we to have clients who are so encouraging and such cheerleaders for what we do?  Really, we are so thankful to meet such wonderful people like them through our job.  Goose is a TV director and for someone like that to have total trust in us and love our work is truly humbling.  Katie + Goose, we congratulate you once again!  We enjoyed every minute of your wedding day and through these photographs, we hope that you'll be able to relive and enjoy it forever!  Thanks for everything!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong