Latoya + Taji / McDaniel Farm Park & Buckhead Lamborghini Post Wedding Shoot

McDaniel Farm Park Duluth Post Wedding Portraits_0016.jpg

It's so cool how we have a unique story to tell for every shoot that we do.  Through these stories, we remember all of our couples.  We shoot about 40 weddings a year (give or take about 5) and  about 50 portraits sessions and other gigs. That's a lot!  People ask us all the time if we remember them all.  It's crazy, but we do!  First, Craig and I are both visual learners.  We both never forget a face (especially me) and we have great photogenic memory.  On top of those traits, I know it's possible because of the stories... not just from the shoots, but the stories of the people.  The stories of the individuals that we get to meet.  When you know someone's story, they become special and you appreciate them and love them that much more.  Do you guys remember Latoya + Taji?  You may not remember their names or even what they look like, but I bet you'll remember them by their special wedding story.  This is the couple that had a wedding that almost got cancelled because of snow!  Their venue had to be changed THAT morning because the venue was in the mountains and they couldn't have anyone come obviously for safety reasons.  They had to turn their home into a wedding venue in a matter of hours.  Can you imagine that happening to you?  But yes, this really happened.  Stress level was high, but they took it well.  VERY well... in fact, it was one of the most heart warming weddings EVER!  Refresh your memory by reading their wedding blog post again!  Because it was totally FREEEEEZING on their wedding day, we were able to do only a couple of outdoor shots.  The temps were in the teens, so yeah... it was cold, ya'll!  So, we planned a post wedding session with them and this time, the weather was on the other side of the spectrum.  It was totally HOT, but we still decided to go for it.  You see, their session was a 'post wedding session', but it also became a 'maternity session' because Latoya is prego!!!!!!!  So, we really needed to get the shoot done.  They fought through the heat like champs tho and we made sure to take our time and have water breaks especially for Latoya and the baby.  We started off the shoot at a park and then headed to our fav spot in Buckhead Atlanta.  We have shot here numerous times, but it still never gets old for us and many of our clients ask for this location.  Do you remember our fall family portraits from last year and how we "ran into" a Lamborghini?  Guess what?!  We 'rain into' one AGAIN!  They were already at the parking deck doing a car shoot, so Craig asked if we could get a few shots with our couple in front of his car.  If you know my hubs, he can start off a conversation with anyone and he didn't just ask a question.... he had a whole conversation and found out that the owner from our shoot and this guy knew each other and are even business partners!  He was SUPER nice and we want to officially thank him online here!  Justin Price, thank you SO MUCH!  We appreciate your kindness greatly!  

Latoya + Taji, it was wonderful to see you guys so happy.  Congratulations on your pregnancy, and we can't wait to see your new baby!  Thx for being a trooper in the HOTlanta heat... We love that we have yet another great memory to share with you.  We hope that you love these photos!  Can't wait to see which one you pick out for your canvas!  Talk to you soon!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong