Sara + Corey / Warehouse Engagement Portraits

Mill Factory Engagement Portraits Georgia_0033.jpg

Every shoot is special to us, but we got to do something very rare with Sara + Corey, and actually, this is the first time we've ever done this with a couple.  CAR POOL!  We picked them up from their place and drove a little over 2 hours to Lindale Mill in Rome, GA.  It's the neatest place... it's an old, abandoned mill that someone purchased and now, various folks film movies, have concerts, photo shoots and now, he's trying to even offer weddings!  We 'accidentally' found this place online, and we have since shot at this location twice.  During our road trip, the four of us just talked and talked about all sorts of things.  These two were so fun and interesting to talk to.  We never once had an awkward silence to and from there!  Sara is a high school teacher and Corey is an airplane mechanic.  I absolutely love learning about what people do for a living and am fascinated at how everyone becomes a pro at something.  To them, it may be an everyday thing or just a job, but I can't imagine learning the details of a job so much that it becomes easy to you.  Now, where do you even begin to learn the machinery of an airplane...?  If you ask me about a car, I'd tell you to just press the gas because that's all I know.  I don't know how to change a tire, I have no comprehension of how an automobile runs and what I'm even looking at when the hood is open, but AIRPLANES?  With that, I would just ask you, "Where's my seat?"  How much Corey had to study to be able to do what he does.... how much he must know the engineering behind these incredible inventions is beyond me!  And yes, let's talk about Sarah being a high school teacher.  I believe that teaching is totally and completely a gift.  It's a calling.  If you don't have the passion, you just can't do it.  Well, you could, but you wouldn't do it well.  I admire teachers so much and my appreciation for them grows more and more as I see our children grow.  What they do day in and day out for our kids leaves me speechless.  The organizational skills, planning skills, patience skills, and the countless other skills it takes is amazing... wow, just WOW!

When we got to the mill, we were surprised by the temperature.  It wan't too hot!  If you're local in Georgia, I'm sure you are very aware that it's been unbearably hot.  I prepared for the worst with the temp, but it was VERY bearable and in some spots, it was cool!  Whew!  Thank you, Jesus, because we really needed that break from heat.  :)  From the very first shot, Sara + Corey just knew how to enjoy the camera.  In fact, they acted like it wasn't even there, so everything was very natural which made it so easy for us to work with them.  We got to experiment a new night time portrait idea with LED lights, and Craig was one happy photographer.  I really love that he continues to get new ideas and seeing him enjoy what he does is very fulfilling as his wife.  

The pictures will show you how cool and unique this location is.  On the way home, we were all starving, but because it was late and Corey had an early morning awaiting him, we had to go to a drive through.  Wendy's it was, and after all the fun from shoot, #1 on their menu never tasted so good!  :)  Sara + Corey, thank you for a great road trip!  Hope you had fun as much as we did... we loved getting to know you guys so much!  You guys look HAWT in the pics and we hope that you LOVE them!  See you again on your wedding day!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong