Allison + Elijah / Hightower Falls Wedding

Hightower Falls Georgia Wedding Waterfall_0037.jpg

You know, we really live in a big, beautiful country… There’s just so much to see and explore!  I’ve lived in Georgia the majority of my life, and I can’t believe that I still haven’t seen every part of it.  It’s funny because when you live here, we sometimes can’t help but take it for granted.  I know that many people in other countries would love to visit America and see the different wonders here, but when you’re from here, you wish to visit other areas of the world like Europe.  The grass seems greener on the other side, but we have to remind ourselves that that’s not true necessarily and that we too have so much to be thankful for.  When Allison told us that her venue was going to be at Hightower Falls, we responded with, “Ooooooo!  Where is that?!”  You see, we absolutely LOVE new locations.  As creatives, being at a new place for a shoot or wedding is like opening a new gift for Christmas.  It’s that much more exciting!  We saw photos online and we just couldn’t wait for her day to get here.  She told us that her ceremony would be in front of the falls, and our hearts felt like exploding!  What a sight that would be!!!!!!  Her day finally came and we got there early to check out the venue and to ‘study’ where everything was.  As soon as we saw the waterfall, we could totally see why Allison had fallen in love.  She told me that that’s what sold it for her.  When we got there, the chairs were already set up so we could clearly envision where Allison and Elijah were going to say, “I do.”  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  We thought that we had seen all the major falls of Georgia, but nope…. we had no idea that this place even existed and it was as if we found a very special gem.  It was a super hot day, but we all endured it, and the couple didn’t complain one bit and enjoyed every minute.  Allison walked around the property and even on rocks for a few scenes in her heels like a champ!  The rain kept teasing us, but it held off the entire day, so they were able to have games and some of the reception outdoors like they planned.  Her sweet dad built all of the outdoor games for the guests which I thought was so sweet.  Allison + Elijah, it was such a joy to capture your day!  It was great to see you guys so happy and celebrate the beginning of your new life together.  Thank you for being so easy to work with and choosing a stunning venue!   May you have a blessed marriage and we wish you much, much, MUCH happiness!

With love,

Craig + Unchong