Brittney + Kyle / Piedmont Park Post Wedding Portraits

Piedmont park engagement wedding portraits Atlanta Skyline_0022.jpg

One of the most common questions we get is, "How do you get your clients?"  We meet them through many different ways, but one of the ways is at weddings!  We meet at least one engaged couple who is very interested in our photography and we book them!  And yes, this is how I met Kyle for the first time!  Craig has already met him through our old church, and I have only heard of him.  Kyle does some of the things that Craig used to do at Victory World Church which used to be videography.  Yes, we changed our profession from "moving pictures" to "still pictures".  Craig has complemented Kyle's skills and creative eye many times, so I know that he's amazing!  He approached me at Stephanie + Bryan's wedding reception regarding a post wedding session that he and his bride wanted to do.  He was super nice and coordinating everything for the shoot with them was very easy.  I love couples who know their style!  He said that they are very casual, so as expected, they chose casual outfits and it fit them so well!  They're so comfortable with who they are and with one another, and all that shows through the lens.  I'm loving every one of these photos, and guess what?  There's something that we got to do at this shoot that was definitely a first for us!  As you guys know, it's been a summer full of random thunderstorms, and at the end of their shoot, yup, there was one all of a sudden, and when there's thunder, you know there's lightning!  They waited and waited aaaaaand waited at the top of that hill (scroll down to the end) to capture a real lightning!  I can't help but sing that song that goes something like, "lightning and a thunder..." Our kids correct me every time I sing it, so I hope I got it right.  :)  Craig came home so excited about the lightning and showed it to me as soon as he got home.  Brittney + Kyle, thank you so much for coming to us at Stephanie's wedding to make this day happen!  It's been a pleasure and we hope that you love them all.  Keep up the excellent work that you do at Victory and for the kingdom of God!  You're incredibly talented.... we wish you and Brittney the best of the best marriage.  A marriage that grows daily and is centered around Christ.  Blessings to you both!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong