Zehra + Mohsin / Hilton Atlanta Northeast Wedding

Atlanta Hilton Northeast South Asian Wedding Portraits_0026.jpg

We got to spend not one, but three days with Zehra + Mohsin!  Just as culture is different, it's fascinating to see how every culture has their own way of doing weddings.  Where did these traditions come from?  How did they implement the traditions?  Not just the traditions, but we love the costumes.  They are so vibrant in color and absolutely stunning to look at.  Indian brides are super lucky too because they get to wear multiple dresses!  How about that, ladies?  Although she looked great in all dresses, my favorite one was the last one on the last day.  It was so perfect for Zehra, and she looked amazing in purple.  (Zehra, that's totally your color!)  I think it's amazing that there are so many traditions that they have to break them down into 3-4 days.  I applaud couples who have to plan a wedding that are multiple days... think about it.  Even one American wedding day is so much that many couples are just utterly exhausted from it, but 3?  or 4?  That's a lot of patience and details to make everything work and many meals to make the guests happy.  But, Zehra + Mohsin did it and did it well, and I think they deserve a nice honeymoon for that!  One of the things that we loved about this couple were their smiles.  They always had smiles on their faces and were so sincerely kind.  Their wedding party was so fun to work with.  They laughed and laughed and as a photographer, that just helps tremendously... to be able to capture a fun crowd of folks who are enjoying themselves is far easier to photograph than those who don't.  Their wedding party was very helpful too especially the best man!  He was always to ready and eager to help and just willing to make himself available, so thank you!  Zehra + Mohsin, we hope that you guys were able to get some down time and rest from all the festivities and enjoy one another.  What a pleasure it was to be part of your wedding dayssss! Thank you for being a great couple, and we wish you continued smiles, laughter and joy...!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong