Gabrielle + Phanna / Downtown Decatur & Roswell Mill Engagement Portraits

Gabrielle Phanna Engagement 57.jpg

So, is the world big or small?  Because there's a saying, "It's a big world out there" and then people say, "It's a small world..." So, which is it?  ;)  Well, for this story, it's a small world.  We got referred to Gabby + Phanna from one of other brides and then when they came to the shoot, they told us another crazy story!  That morning when Gabby was getting her makeup done, another bride (whom we recently booked, but haven't even met yet) was getting her makeup done too!  Somehow they got to share that they had the same photographer.... us!  How cool, right?  Oh, we were so happy that this shoot worked out because you see, weather has not been very cooperative this summer and this was rescheduled from another previous date.  This time, no rain was in sight, so we were very thankful.  It was HOTlanta for sure, but we'll take that over rain any day!  Gabby wanted some cool murals and because downtown Decatur has some awesome walls, she chose that as her location as well as Roswell Mill for some nature shots too.  Her mom was able to come to Decatur before she flew back home, so it was fun getting to know her as well during the shoot.  Love talking to moms and getting their perspective on their children getting married.  I tear up every time because I know that's going to be me one day sooner than I expect it.  I teaches me me to embrace the time we have with our children more than ever.  Seeing our couple and how happy they are, I can't help but hope that our children will grow up like them too.  Seeing Gabby, I see my two daughters... I hope they too will find their passion and the love of their life and simply be happy.  Seeing our brides so happy just brightens our day and is a reminder that what we do is truly an honor and it makes us want to work that much harder to make their memories and experience better.  Because this season that they're in is a once in a lifetime experience and we want to give them our best as they deserve.  Just look at those smiles!  Gabby looked beautiful and Phanna!  What a hard working man!  He was up working for endless hours and still came with a smile on his face to make this day happen for his bride.  I respect that so much and for that Phanna, you get my standing ovation!  See for yourself how much fun we had and how beautiful this couple is.... Gabby + Phanna, you guys were a joy!  Thank you for being absolute troopers especially at the end where we had to basically rock climb to get to the waterfall.  Wish someone could've recorded us doing that, right?  Really, you guys were amazing!  See you very soon at your wedding... can't wait to celebrate you guys!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong