Larshanae + Cedric / Ashton Gardens Atlanta Wedding

Ashton Gardens Atlanta Wedding Portraits_0060.jpg

You know, there are some really smart people out there… the ideas that people have fascinate me! Like Uber… Airbnb… what an amazing business concept, right? Like, I would have never even thought of something like that! Well, Shanae said that she got an Airbnb to get ready with her bridal party, so I was curious as to what this place that she chose was going to look like! Many brides are beginning to do this now instead of getting a hotel room, and I think it’s a great idea! On her wedding day when we went to meet her, we were so impressed by the way this place was decorated! It was so well thought out and cohesive all throughout the town home. So much that I took a couple of pics to get some ideas for our home. ;) hehe

Shanae looked so happy especially when she opened a special gift from her groom who got her a pair of shoes with red bottoms. If you’re a lady who is into shoes, you know what that means, right? She was totally ecstatic to put them on with her gorgeous wedding dress. We got to Ashton Gardens and there, Cedric and his groomsmen came too. Right after we met, Cedric asked for a few important shots that he really wanted. His dearest friend passed away not too long ago and to honor him, he had a tattoo on his hand and a framed photo of him right next to where he was standing at the ceremony because he was supposed to be his best man. My heart broke when he told me… we of course got the shots that he wanted. Can’t imagine losing your best friend - the way Cedric honored him on his special day was very awesome to witness.

Something else special happened too! Before the reception, Shanae whispered in my ear the surprise that she got for Cedric. Cedric had no idea, but Shanae got smoke and a sparkling machine as part of their dance floor production from Up Light Your Event. She wanted them to turn it on during their first dance. A few moments into the first dance, it came on and you guys should have seen Cedric’s expression. It was seriously priceless! He was so shocked! It was great to see these two trying to outdo one another with gifts and sentimental moments. I think that’s how a healthy marriage thrives. When the woman and the man always try to out serve one another, both sides can’t help but be happy. Shanae + Cedric, you guys did an amazing job at making your day not just special, but memorable. We are so happy for you both…. thank you for making our job so fun! You guys were incredible to work with!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong