Eunice + Clement / The Whitley Luxury Hotel & Saint Brigid Catholic Church Wedding

The Whitley Luxury Hotel buckhead Wedding Portraits_0065.jpg

I just love engagement portraits because it gives us a chance to get to know our couples apart from the wedding day rush. Our experience with Eunice + Clement at their engagement session made us look forward to their wedding day so much. We just knew that it was going to be a bright, happy day. As expected, Eunice was the most funny and excited bride we’ve ever had. Her character really showed when she kept making sure that everyone else was ok including us. Say whaaaaaat? We all had to remind her that it was her day and that we were there to serve her, but she’s just not like that. She was such a thoughtful bride…!

So, if you know us a little, you probably know that I’m kinda obsessed with Prince William, Kate Middleton and the whole royal family… I don’t care about any other celebrities in the world other than them. I admit it - I know way too much about this family! lol Well, when I saw Eunice’s dress and all the lace, it reminded me of Kate Middleton’s dress and I was just like, “Oh my gah…..” When Eunice put it on, she was beyond gorgeous! Love the classy, modest and elegant look she was going for. And, can we talk about their ceremony for a bit? So, they did not tell us anything about a live choir that was going to be singing, so when they hit the first note, there were goose bumps on my entire body. It was the most beautiful sound! My love for music goes way back and I won’t get into that story here, but let me just say that my ears were in heaven. Craig asked me to go upstairs where the choir was, stand in front of them to get a wide shot of Eunice walking in, and I replied, “GLADLY!” I stood exactly in front, middle of the choir and literally had the ‘best seat’ in the house! Every time they sang, I tried to keep my cool. There was one song that they sang that brought so many memories. It was a song I used to sing with my mom while playing on the piano and it one of my old church’s fav choir song. Wow, simply beautiful! So many aspects of this wedding reminded me of the recent royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ESPECIALLY the ceremony!

OH, Eunice + Clement, you guys were fabulous. You guys looked fabulous, acted fabulous and gave us the most fabulous time. Like really! What a joy it was to be there…. We are so happy for you both and hope this first month of marriage was everything you dreamed of! Many blessing to you!

With my love,

Craig + Unchong