Ngoc + Rick / The Engine Room Wedding

The Engine Room Wedding Georgia Portraits_0076.jpg

Ok just how many wedding venues are there in just the Atlanta area alone? Just when we think we’ve been to all of them, we have to think again! It was our first time at the Engine room and it had such a neat industrial look. I especially loved the outdoor patio area where they had the cocktail hour. It’s so interesting how someone can look at an old building and turn it into a beautiful wedding venue. Some people are so amazing at having visions and then taking a business risk and make it into a success! Wow, I just LOVE that!

As we entered the Engine Room, we saw Ngoc and all of her bridesmaids ready to rock and roll! (Wait, do people say that still? Trying my hardest to stay cool.) They had the prettiest robes on and her friends were so accommodating and helpful to us as soon as we walked in. We are so appreciative of that! All of the details were ready to go and we got to work! This venue has great natural light coming in the main area. There are windows all around so we took full advantage of that. We need many of the portraits in that area and they looked amazing! As we drive to each wedding, we always anticipate on what our bride is going to wear, and wow…. Ngoc’s wedding dress is definitely on the top of my fav list! It was so trendy yet classy at the same time. I wanted to ask her if I could borrow it, but knowing I could never fit into that, I didn’t bother to ask. ;) I just love long, laced sleeves and she seriously chose the perfect one! So, she bought a dress that was size 14 and got it altered to her size which is probably a 0! Whoa! Whoever was the seamstress did an incredible job!

Ok and can we talk about the food? Oh my gosh…. OMG…. Holy cow…. I’ve never seen so much food at a wedding before. Guess how many courses they served? 5? 7? Nope! TEN! Yes, that’s 10! She had the courses listed as a menu at each table and we all couldn’t believe our eyes. And guys… these just weren’t ‘normal’ dishes. These were HUGE family sized high quality seafood after seafood after seafood. I mean fancy things like humongous lobsters, quails, and things I can’t even pronounce or have ever seen. It took awhile for everyone to even get all the food and trust me when I say there were leftovers. They had so much that all the plates couldn’t fit on the table at one time. I kept wishing that my mom was there because she would have torn that table up! LOL! But in all seriousness, I could really see that Ngoc + Rick’s heart and know that they truly cared about their guests and serving them to the best of their ability. It wasn’t just about them, but about taking care of their beloved family and friends.

Oh, Ngoc + Rick! It was such a pleasure meeting you both and spending the most special day of your lives with you! And by the way Rick, you know you got both of us crying at first look, right? It was so sweet… hope that feeling never ends and that it will only grow for you both. That you will not just be married, but be happily married and enjoy it daily. That no matter what circumstance life may bring, that you remember this very day and the vows you made to one another. Blessing to you both!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong