Veronique + Joshua / W Midtown & The Temple Atlanta Wedding

The Temple W midtown arthur blank foundation Wedding Portraits_0038.jpg

We spend our lives trying to perfect everything we do, what we look like, who we are… But, the reality and the truth is, perfection doesn’t exist. It’s a goal that we will never accomplish. When it comes to weddings, we spend way too much time trying to plan a perfect one. The beauty is in the imperfection. Not saying that you shouldn’t strive for excellence and do your best. You absolutely should, but we need to realize that there’s a difference between excellence and perfection. Out of the hundreds of weddings that we have had the honor of shooting, there’s not been one wedding that was perfect. No, not one. But, that’s what makes each wedding story unique and memorable. Veronique + Joshua as you can see had a gorgeous wedding…. I mean, just look at the photos! Look at them! Look at her dress! The skyline! Absolutely stunning, but here’s something funny that happened that wasn’t so funny at the time. You see the beautiful parking deck that we got to shoot at? Well, first of all, we weren’t even planning on going to that one. Our plan was another one… We ended up here and guess what happened? The gate was locked. Our poor second shooter that day had the hardest time trying to direct the entire wedding party while the gate was malfunctioning. We were literally stuck, but the parking attendant finally helped and freed us. OMG…. But, let me tell you… these are the stories that never make it to the insta story or on any part of social media because that’s the last thing that crosses your mind when you’re going through stress. We have gone through all sorts of situations, but guess what? It always works out! It really does! That’s why no matter how stressful a wedding day may become, it is the most heart breaking thing for us when we see our couples stress over things that is out of their control or anyone’s for that matter. Embrace the obstacles! Embrace your story! I know it’s easier said than done, but brides, don’t sweat it! Enjoy your day… it’s the only wedding day you’ll ever have! I love that Veronique + Joshua didn’t allow anything to ruin their day. They had such a wonderful time from the beginning to the end. I admire that…. In fact, they enjoyed it so much that only three days after their wedding, we did a post wedding session with them! Say whaaaaaat? Yes, it was at the Arthur Blank Foundation in Atlanta, and it was beautiful. We had some difficulties with the logistics there too LOL (we thought were weren’t going to be able to shoot there), but as you can see, it allllll worked out. The moral of the story is this…. it’s not a story without a conflict. What makes a good story or a good movie is when the conflict gets resolved and life is good in the end. I’m definitely writing this especially to myself today. Life is good because God is good. Veronique + Joshua, you guys were AMAZING!!!!! We had such a wonderful time with you both… You guys are fabulous inside and out and SUPER smart individuals that have accomplished so much already, and you have so much more that’s ahead of you in life. God bless you both and may He continue to pour down His grace upon you. Continue to be amazing!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong