Chelsey + Zack / Seaside Florida Wedding On The Beach


First of everything is so important... Look at parents for example.  The first time your child does anything, it is made sure to be photographed and documented.  :)  The first time your child smiles at you, their first step, their first word.... Your brain can't help but to remember those moments.  For me as a wedding photographer, Chelsey and Zack's wedding was the first of this year and trust me, that is very special.  Every year, we set new goals and have a fresh vision, and for you to get the opportunity to apply it is very exciting!  And how much more amazing is it that it was at the beach?  I mean, who doesn't like the beach, right?  And, is there anyone that doesn\'t think the beach is beautiful?  And for the couple.... many "first" moments will be created as husband and wife.  Their first kiss as a married couple, their first meal, their first movie, the list goes on... I totally remember saying to my wife, "awe... this is our first "fill in the blank" as a married couple."  It's so special, isn't it??  And, I used to know the bride years ago at my church when she was like 10 years old.  Crazy, eh?  I can't believe that she is all grown up!  And, I can't believe that I'm old enough to even say that!  It was so exciting for me to be able to be a part of this wedding for this couple and to see old friends as well... What an honor!  Chelsey and Zack, for you guys to even consider us was so humbling.  But, for you to choose us to capture your wedding day was the BEST feeling ever!  Thank you for your hospitality and kindness towards us.  Your wedding was gorgeous and so unforgettable.  We hope that you will enjoy these beautiful images of your union forever and ever... :)  May the Lord bless you every moment!