Becky + Joe / Georgia Aquarium Wedding

Georgia Aquarium Wedding Portraits Whale_0016.jpg

I appreciate our job more and more as I get older. The flexibility is priceless and the adventure is indescribable. I have to constantly remind myself to not take it for granted. Through our business, we get to see many places and experience all sorts of things, but meeting great people is what we love the most. We met Becky + Joe at a bridal show in 2017, and I loved them from the beginning! They were so easy to talk to… and, I loved that they knew what they wanted! They already had their venue booked and when they shared that it was the Georgia Aquarium, I was completely stoked. We have been there many times to take our kids and we have shot a couple of events there, but never a wedding! We connected really well and booked them right away. We had a great time at their engagement shoot, and when their wedding day finally arrived, we were ready to make it EPIC! When we posted their sneak peek, it quickly became our most liked image on Instagram. EVER! Shooting around the GA Aquarium was a very unique and fun experience. As we were setting up for one of the shots, I heard Becky tell Joe, “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life!” That made us feel so amazing, and what an honor it is to be able to share those ‘most special’ moments with someone day in and day out? This couple value photography so much, so they were willing to do anything. For a couple of shots, I know Becky’s arm was in GREAT pain, but she fought through and was the shot worth it or what! Craig was so in his element… I know his creative juices were overflowing. New locations are always very refreshing for us as creatives especially when it’s with whale sharks and all sorts of sea creatures! Their family were so sweet too…. They all made our job so easy. They were helpful and sweet to be around! We were beyond grateful! Becky + Joe, thank you thank you THANK YOU! Your wedding was bravo, just BRAVO. We hope that you’re newly married life, your new home and now all of your wedding photos! :) We hope you LOVE them!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong