Corey + Joseph / Piedmont Driving Club Wedding

Loews Hotel Piedmont Piedmont Driving Club Wedding Portraits_0062.jpg

When I don’t get to go to a wedding with Craig, I’m nervous all day for him. I wonder if he’s ok, if he’s hungry, if there’s any problem, if things are running late, if the weather is cooperating, etc…. When I’m there as his wife, he can at least sometimes vent to me when things get stressful or whatnot. Our girls had a recital this day, so I of course stayed home to take care of them. On a wedding day, we always tell each other that, “No news is good news”, so unless something is wrong or there’s an emergency, we don’t contact each other. But, when everything is finished, Craig always texts me the same thing, “headed home” which is my cue to call him if I’m able to. Usually when a wedding ends, our kids are in bed by then, so I call him with much anticipation. When he says, “Hello?”, my first response is, “So….. how did it go?” The split of a second it takes him to answer feels like an eternity to me because I of course only wish him to have a great wedding day. After Corey + Joe’s wedding, his response was, “OH MY GOSH…. I wish you were there. It was perfect. Just perfect… I have no complaints. Corey and Joe were amazing. Never had a couple so laid back and stress free. They had a great time and I felt like I wasn’t even working.” With a response like that, my stress level goes from 100 to 0 very fast! I feel so bad when I’m not there to help, so I feel so relieved when everything goes smoothly. I got to help with Corey’s engagement session, so that was all the more of a reason I wanted to attend their wedding so badly. I LOVED talking to Corey… she’s so down to earth and just very pleasant to be around. They were both so easy going and photographing them was simply fun. As soon as Craig came home, he couldn’t help but show me their photos as he was backing them up. (I know…. I’m so lucky to be the first one to see any sneak peeks! hehe) Wow… Corey looked fabulous. LOVED her dress and I particularly loved the way she did her hair. It was very timeless and feminine. When Craig and I got married, the style was an up do no matter what. That was 13 years ago and nowadays, I just really love it when brides leave their down and Corey really got it just right! It was our first time shooting at the Piedmont Driving Club, and Craig really loved it. It reminded us of the Biltmore in Atlanta which is one of our fav venues. It was also Christmas time, so with all the Christmas decor, it made everything that much better and festive. I got to text Corey after the wedding after she changed her profile pic on Facebook (love it when our brides do that!), and I was so happy for her. She was telling me how much she enjoyed her wedding day. How awesome is that?! Ah… that’s what we wish for for all of our brides and couples. That’s the goal! I’m so genuinely happy that they were able to really embrace their day and have fun. Corey + Joseph, thank you for making our job so easy, fun and enjoyable. You guys were AMAZING! This blog post is the very first post of 2019 for us. What a way to begin our blogging journey for this year. You guys have been amazing from the beginning and I hope that there’s no end. We hope that you’ll come back for your anniversary portraits, family portraits, etc. I hope that we will continue to have the honor of capturing all of your life’s significant moments. We are very grateful for you both. Happy new year and may you continued to be blessed in all that you do.

With much love,

Craig + Unchong