Traci + Stephen / The Barn at Little River | Little River Farms Engagement Portraits

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Vision… in order to achieve anything, you must have it. Even in God’s word, it says that without a vision, you will perish. I don’t know about you, but perishing is the last thing I want to do! I begin with this because from the beginning, Traci and Stephen had a strong vision for their shoot. She loves Disney princesses, so she wanted “fairytale” themed photos. She showed us some examples of what she would like, and it made us brainstorm many ideas for her especially Craig! We discussed a few locations, but the one that she had her heart set on was the one that we decided on! Recently, Little River Farms opened up another venue next to their original one, and it’s just beautiful! If you are into farmhouse style, this venue is totally the one you want to check out! Traci is also getting married here next year as well, so it was great to keep everything in one place. The new section has such a variety of places to shoot… we LOVE shooting in new places! The wildflower field that they had was definitely our favorite area, and the vision really came to live when we shot there. As soon as Craig saw the field, he knew exactly what to do. We NEVER bring ladders to shoots, but he did for this one! I had no idea what he was thinking, but when I got in the car to go to the shoot, I saw the ladder in the car and was like, “um…. What’s this for?” He said, “You’ll see!” ;) I so appreciate my hubby’s creativity… We stopped by Party City to get a few balloons as well. It was our ultimate goal to make our couple absolutely happy and to not just make her vision come true, but to top it! Traci and I had alot of fun texting each other her outfit ideas and trying to decide on what would be best. She’s a smart bride, so she brought all of her options, so after seeing the location, it was easier to see which one would look better where. It all came together nicely and we were ready to shoot! As we were shooting, I learned of all the talents that our couple had. Traci has experience with singing and acting on Broadway (say whaaaaat?) and Stephen has experience with ballet! What the whaaaaat! It was so cool learning these things about that and when they started posing, OMG ya’ll… they were not kidding! When I say they were naturals, they really completely were. When someone knows how to model are is completely comfortable in front of the camera, it really gives us such a different experience as photographers. The shoot couldn’t have been better… The weather even cooperated so well! The temperature was JUST right and we had the best time together… Traci was so happy when we sent her the sneak peeks, and that just made our day that day. Our business motto is “Happy Bride, Happy Photographer”, so our goal was complete!

Traci + Stephen, we thank you guys so much for being absolutely fun to work with! We were beyond impressed by you guys especially Stephen’s ballet skills! Thank you for trusting us with all the details that had to come together to complete a few shots especially the “floating away” ones. You guys were troopers to endure the bugs, the dirt, the muscles burning sensations, etc… :) We can’t wait to see your vision come alive for your wedding day! We can’t wait to capture it for you…. We hope that you LOVE all of your photos! See you in 2020!