Sara + Cory / Roswell Mill Club Wedding

Roswell Mill Club Wedding atlanta Portraits_0062.jpg

Any “firsts” are special, aren’t they?  The new year or a new season brings us anticipation and hope for something better, something refreshing and new!  As we entered 2019, just like many, we had much to look forward to.  We made plans for new dreams to come true and enter a new season in life.  I turned 40 this year, so that in itself was a huge milestone and a new ‘concept’ to grasp.  Aging has not been easy, but it’s reality and inevitable, so I have learned to choose to be happy with it.  Because of all these personal and business changes we’ve been making, 2019 has been very special.  As we geared up for our first wedding of the year, we were so excited to begin this year with the best!  Knowing Sara + Cory, we knew that there was no better couple to start our new wedding year with.  But, what we never expected was it to be THIS good. I mean, there are great weddings and there’s Sara + Cory’s.  We just couldn’t believe that an “ideal” wedding or a “perfect” wedding really do exist!  Now, over the years, we have shot HUNDREDS of weddings.  I literally have lost count, but none of them have been perfect.  But, you know what?  There’s first time for everything and I can now officially say that perfect weddings are real.  It can happen… If I had to describe their wedding in one word, it would be ‘peaceful’ because it was.  There was no anxiety, no worry, no rush of any kind.  There was just… peace… Sara was so chill and relaxed, and I could tell that she just knew how to embrace the day and enjoy it.  On top of all that, she was stunning, and just when you thought it couldn’t get better, she was hilarious too.  Love her sense of humor!  And Cory?  Yes, our handsome groom too… he’s what you call, “such a nice guy!”  They adored one another and it was very sweet to witness it an honor to capture it. And, nice people have nice families and nice friends too.  (Her mom was so sweet!) They even hired the nicest vendors!  Working with other vendors is a big part of our day, and my gosh!  They were so easy to work with.  WOW!  Craig and I called this wedding the “wedding heaven”.  You just can’t ask for more… EVERYONE was on time.  EVERYONE!  Their wedding party was so awesome and fun to work with, and we just enjoyed every minute photographing them.  The rain held off which was yet another bonus and I must say that their food was THE best wedding food we’ve ever had too.  It hit the spot!  Really, thank you for feeding us so well! You definitely got my love language down and I love your taste in food! ;) Sara + Cory, you guys were the bomb!!!! :)  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much for everything.  You made our job so easy… you reminded us of why we do what we do and that wedding photography is truly our passion. Thank you for giving us a great start to 2019!!!  We hope that you guys enjoy all the photos!  Have the most blessed marriage, you guys!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong