Shayla + Gregory / The Georgian Terrace Wedding

The Georgian Terrace Wedding Portraits_0083.jpg

There are many things that sparks a memory in our lives. Music, places, a certain smell even… With Shayla + Gregory’s wedding, their venue made me remember Craig and I’s 10th anniversary. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Oh my… if you remember your 10th, how long have you been married?” lol This February was our 13th year, and as much as you can’t believe it, I can’t either. Three years ago, we did a very special portrait session and it was to celebrate one decade together as husband and wife, and we did it at the Georgian Terrace which was our couple’s venue. Craig has shot here a few times before, but it was my first time seeing many of the beautiful places of this hotel. When we did our shoot, we just shot around the hotel outside, so I never got to see the details and how stunning it was inside. Craig kept telling me how much I would love it, and boy was he right! Last April, we went to Vienna, Austria, and I’m serious… this venue reminded me of that! I felt as if I teleported to Europe for a day…

On top of a great venue, it makes it all the better when the bride and groom’s family and wedding party are so friendly and fun! They were all so kind and easy to get along with. They cooperated with everything that we needed. As we got to know them more and more, we got to see how precious their friendships were. One of the best moments of their wedding was when Shayla did a “first look” with her bridesmaids. They have never seen her dress and after she got all ready, we had the bridesmaids all lined up in front of her, and when we “revealed” the gorgeous bride, they all cried and smiled and laughed and squealed! One bridesmaid in particular really, really, REALLY cried and just couldn't stop herself. She cried so much that she made me cry too… I tried to hold it in and then I was like, “Ok…. nope. Can’t hold it together any longer.” lol It was such a sweet moment. (You’ll be able to see those photos, so be sure to scroll down and see those!)

Speaking of moments… oh my gosh, y’all! When Shayla walked down the aisle…. You should have seen Greg’s face. I have the best seat in the house for that at every wedding. My job is to capture the groom, so i got to see every expression and it was the sweetest thing! And their vows… omg! Just amazing! One of my fav parts of wedding photography is capturing the bride and groom’s expression as they express their heart felt vows to one another. Shayla’s tears as she uttered the words of love to her husband to be was just priceless. And yes, the bridesmaids all cried again too. hehe We all did the ugly cry and got it all out of our system and after they said, “I do”, it was time to partaaaaay at the reception. One speech I will never forget was Shayla’s mom’s eloquent speech during their reception. One of the reasons why this ballroom at the Georgian Terrace was important to them was because it was the same ballroom where they had the party reception of the premier of the “Gone with the Wind” in 1940. Shayla’s grandfather was a bus boy during that party. She shared many sweet things, but one of the things that she shared really stood out to Craig and I both. She said that back then, African Americans weren’t allowed there. They were servants there, but could not be the guests. She shared how we came “full circle”. That was almost 60 years ago, and it was beautiful to see the multicultural family and guest members that attended this wedding. If you know us, multiculturalism is very important in our family’s lives. We obviously are a multicultural family ourselves, and it is our goal to share our lives and business with every culture that God has beautifully created. Her speech gave me the chills and so much hope for our future.

Shayla + Gregory, you guys were THE best! Thank you for being AMAZING! I’m just running out of adjectives here… I’m so appreciative of who you are and how beautiful your love towards one another is. Thank you for making our world a better place with your love not just with one another but with your family members and beloved friends. Your love was so apparent as so many gathered around you to celebrate you. We love you guys and wish you only the best in all that you do. We are grateful that you chose us to capture these special memories. We hope you love the photos as much as we do and even more! Cheers to a beautiful marriage!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong