Leevz + Doubea / Good Samaritan Haitian Alliance Church & Grand Palais Banquet Hall Wedding

Good Samaritan Haitian Alliance Church Grand Palais Banquet Hall Wedding_0046.jpg

Culture is fascinating to me. In America, we have a unique opportunity where we can experience just about any culture in one place. Not many other countries have that chance. Multiculturalism has been something that always stirred my heart since I was a child. God has brought me through many paths of living through multiculturalism in many different ways. Craig and I met while working and attending Victory World Church which is probably the most multi-cultural church in our nation, if not the world! It has over 100 nations in one church which is just unheard of. There’s a lot of racial and culture tension in our nation, but I don’t listen to those voices because I believe that living it out makes a difference, not talking about it. I believe that especially in America, interacting and becoming a community with cultures that are not of your own is very important. That doesn’t accidentally happen, it happens intentionally. We have many races and cultures in Atlanta, but most do not interact with one another unless they have to like in a workplace. As they say, Sundays at the 11th hour is the most segregated time of the week and that has been the case for many decades. But, God called Craig and I to live a life that’s not ordinary. Our three children have seen every race, color and culture in our home, not just once, but ALL THE TIME. If we host any party or event, you will see a very diverse group of folks. Because we have lived this way since we’ve been dating, it’s very second nature to us and that is our ‘norm’. We want our kids to learn that every humankind is beautifully created by God and that we are all loved by Him. We are to honor one another and treat each other as we would want to be treated. Many people ask how our clientele is so diverse. I believe it’s because our circle of friends and the people we know are all diverse, and I will never change that. I thank God for this blessing…

Leevz + Doubea are Haitians, and oh how that country has a special place in our hearts. About 8 years ago when there was the tragic earthquake over there, Craig went to film and photograph the devastation along with medical doctors, missionaries and journalists only a week after it occurred. I was pregnant with our second child and was very scared, but we both knew that God was with him and that he had to fulfill his mission. It was one of the most memorable trips for Craig, and I’m so happy that he had that time there. It was very cool to meet Leevz and Doubea and their loved ones. Hearing many of them speak French was the neatest thing… I felt like I was in another country! Their ceremony took place at their Haitian church and it was beautiful! I loved all the music, but the highlight of the ceremony was when Doubea was overwhelmed with emotions and his parents came up on stage to support him. I’ve never seen anything like it at a wedding, and it was AWESOME! Leevz’s dress was one of the most unique dresses I’ve been yet. She looked like a barbie doll in it. The details, the material and everything about was so cool! Very different, yet classy at the same time. It fit her so perfectly. And oh yeah, she got to wear ANOTHER dress! During the reception she changed, and wow! That was so unique too! (Leevz, don’t be surprised if I knock on your door to borrow one of your dresses on day. hehe) They looked so happy… They were on cloud 9. I love to see our couples have a good time and they serious did.

Leevz + Doubea, it was a joy to be part of your celebration and experience your culture. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and capture your most joyous day. We had the best time! You guys are beautiful people and we wish you the best marriage! Thanks for everything…

With much love,

Craig + Unchong