Sharlene + Cedric / Suada Studio Wedding

Suada Studio Atlanta Wedding Portraits_0089.jpg

Over the years, we have learned and realized there’s so much to wedding photography than just photography.  It’s crazy how much social skills play a big part in it.  As many of you guys know, my husband has no problem in that area.  :)  He can talk to anyone, anytime… He can make any stranger laugh and give them a good time.  I, on the other hand, am an introvert… Growing up as an only child did not help that either.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love people and I love being around them, but it does exhaust me.  After an event or gathering of any kind, I just need some time by myself to regain my energy.  I’ve been running our business with Craig together since the beginning, but I didn’t start shooting with him until only about 3 years ago.  Before then, I went to shoots and weddings only when there was absolutely no one that could help. During these last few years, I had to really overcome many of my social weaknesses.  It’s so interesting how with practice in anything, you really do get better!  Now, I totally enjoy meeting our clients for the first time and just carrying on a conversation with them and engaging in who they are and what they’re going through.  I love initiating conversations and just getting to know them.  I’ve always been inspired by people’s stories… I love hearing about what they do for a living and just getting at least a taste of their life’s journey.  When you listen to someone’s story, you begin to understand them more and appreciate who they are.  Sharlene + Cedric’s engagement session has a special in my heart because they were so easy to get along with.  They made everything fun and not so ‘exhausting’ for this introvert…. me.  It was so easy walking around Athens Botanical, enjoying each other’s company as if we’ve been friends for many years.  They encouraged so much with their genuine words that I truly looked forward to their wedding day and meeting them again.  Well, their wedding day finally came and wow… what an amazing day it was!  Sharlene was exquisitely beautiful… her friends were fun, her venue is one of the most unique ones in Atlanta (and the owner is amazing!) and her groom is the sweetest teddy bear ever!  He looked totally dapper in his white jacket and together, they were picture perfect.  The day was beautiful… it was really an ideal spring wedding!  There are so many places in Suada Studios for a picturesque backdrop, and I could really tell that Craig’s creative juices were overflowing with ideas.  I love seeing him being in his element, and I so appreciate clients like Sharlene + Cedric who totally trust in him as their photographer.  They had such an intimate ceremony, and it was so heart warming to see them happy.  Sharlene + Cedric, thank you guys for such a wonderful day. We loved celebrating you on the most joyous day of your lives!  You’re one beautiful couple and it is our prayer that God continues to pour down His blessings upon you forever and ever… 

With much love,

Craig + Unchong