Christianne + Leo / Piedmont Park and Ponce City Adoption Portraits

Piedmont Park Atlanta Beltline Ponce City Market Family Adoption Portraits_0012.jpg

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” - Matthew 6:21

Just like anything else in the Bible, everyone has their own interpretation of this verse. After getting to know someone, you can tell what they value and what their priorities are by seeing how they spend their time and money.  As believers, we are to be good stewards of everything that God has given us and everything that He has given us is His. Living in this world, we at times, well... many times, lose sight of how we are to manage our lives.  We all get busy “paying our bills”, buying our next dream car, saving up for the next epic vacation, putting our kids in yet another activity, etc... we all know this as “keeping up with Jones’s”.  I too have fell for this time to time without even realizing. When I do realize however, is when I’m reminded that I need Jesus more than anything and once again I find myself on my knees, completely broken. His word is the only place I can find my true identity.  

The way someone chooses to spend their time, effort and money inspires me. We have known Leo + Christianne for many years, especially Leo. Wow, now that I’m counting as I’m writing this blog, I can’t believe that it’s been 15 years. Holy cow!  Craig and I knew Leo when we were all young and single. We all hung out with other mutual friends from our church.  We had so much fun ministering together and I realize now how much I treasure those memories. In the recent years, we have not seen each other other than special events, but Leo + Christianne are one of those friends where you can just pick up right from where you left off. They are so easy going and simply fun to be around and talk about life with. 

Few weeks ago, Christianne inquired our services, and I was ecstatic to receive her email. Craig and I were shooting a wedding that day, so I emailed her back when we were driving from one venue to another. She told us that they needed family portraits for their adoption process and that just warmed my heart so much. First, I wasn’t surprised that they would do such a noble thing. Oh, how much God was pleased when they made this decision, I can only imagine.  To prioritize someone else’s life above your own family’s is a supernatural act. Not everyone makes room in their hearts to do such a thing. It’s set apart... it’s holy.  I’m honored to know this family, and we are honored to even have this small part of their adoption journey.  What a celebration it will be when they soon will be joined with their new son or daughter.  

Christianne + Leo, thank you for showing us what Christ-like love looks like. Thank you for choosing to be a father to the fatherless and a mother to the motherless. You’re an inspiration to us all, and we pray for you, your family and your future family. We love you guys and thank you for coming to us to capture this very special season of your life. 

With much love,

Craig + Unchong