Katie + Jamie / Waterfall Wedding Portraits

Waterfall Wedding Portraits Elopement Georgia_0029.jpg

“You have such a fun job.”

“I wonder what it’s like to only take pictures as your job.”

“I mean, all you guys do is take pictures. How hard can that be?”

“So all you do is take pictures? You can make a living out of that?”

Those are real comments that we have received... MULTIPLE times and it cracks us up because I don’t know what my friends do exactly either. Some of them have explained it to me, but I just don’t get it. Lol Some jobs out there just fascinate me and the existence of certain jobs are mind blowing!  Just like the way I’m pretty ignorant to others’ jobs, many are to ours too. I can totally see how many can think that being a wedding photographer is very glamorous and “fun”. I agree that it’s definitely fun, but it’s definitely not glamorous whatsoever. As any job can be “fun” sometimes, it’s for sure not easy at all and stressful just like any other. I think when others see us, they only see us doing the fun part which is the shooting part, so that’s all that they can make judgments on which I totally get.  One of the surprises that our clients receive on a shoot is how physically challenging it can get. How adventurous you have to be, how dirty you have to get, how hungry you get, and how sore you have to feel the next day are all shocking to some. Yes... that’s all part of a shoot. That’s why I love sharing the behind the scenes footage of a shoot so much. That’s why we are so passionate about sharing footage to other photographers who are our subscribers on CO Backstage Pass so that they can learn from what really goes on a photo shoot and not just seeing the end result. The end result is always gorgeous, breathtaking and just beautiful... but what it takes to get that is what makes you a great photographer. 

When you sign up a shoot with us, you’re signing up at your own risk. ;) And that’s what Katie + Jaime did. They wanted a waterfall for their photos and waterfall is what they got!  Now, you know that Craig doesn’t play when it comes to photos. If he can’t go big, he will go home. I’m telling you... as his wife of 13 years, I know that when he wants something, he will get it. Somehow, anyhow... where there’s a will, there’s a way with that man. If he has a vision for an image, he will make it happen.  So, Craig was so happy that our couple chose this location and it was the perfect couple because they said they were willing to do anything!  If they had to get soaked, they will!  If they had to climb, they will!  Now, not every couple is so willing... she even bought a dress just for this shoot!  The dress was so beautiful, and she bought it second hand for just a couple of hundred bucks. She’s adventurous AND a smart bride!  Jaime, you’re one lucky man!  :) 

We had the best time... anything Craig asked them to do to make the vision come true, they did. Katie even slipped once and I about had a heart attack. And then I slipped too. Oh my goodness... but thank God, we were all ok and they were very minor falls. If you follow us on our Instagram stories, I’m sure you’ve seen it. Hehe

By the end of it all, they were soaked. So was Craig and so was I. But, my gosh... was it worth it or what??  And, we had a smile on ur faces the entire time.  Our phones were blowing up when we posted their sneak peek and it was one of my most liked photo ever on Instagram for us. Every photographer asked for the location and we even booked other couples for the same place. Craig was in a artist’s heaven.  

Katie + Jaime, thank you for being so sweet and kind and understanding and FUN!!! You guys were wonderful. Thank you driving alllll the way out there, for driving through all the gravel roads getting your car dirty, hiking through the mud and getting your clothes and shoes dirty.  We appreciate you being such a team player through it all… These are such epic photos that we will never forget creating with you guys.  May you continue to be blessed in all that you do…

With much love,

Craig + Unchong