Marah + Rami / The Georgian Terrace & Biltmore Ballroom Wedding

The Georgian Terrace Biltmore ballroom Atlanta Wedding Portraits_0041.jpg

If you know our family, we are Disney fanatics. For most, Disney is a want, but for us, it’s a need. :) Earlier this year we took our family to Disney World, and on the way, I received an inquiry from Rami for his upcoming wedding day. Our road trip was about 8 hours, so yeah, I had time to quickly reply to him. He replied back, and Craig called Rami when we were getting gas. The next day as we were waiting in line to ride the new slinky dog roller coaster at the Hollywood Studios (which by the way was so fun!), they talked again to finalize things. Craig got the contract ready for him in the line (thank God for smart phones!) and just like that, it was official. Ok, it’s really weird and funny, but every single time we go to Disney, we book a wedding on the way. It’s the coolest ‘tradition’ for our business. hehe

Rami was a great decision maker, and we loved that about him from the beginning. After returning, we set up a date for Craig to meet Rami and his bride, Marah. Craig came home saying how sweet they were and that we were going to have one amazing wedding day with them and boy did we or what?! Marah was absolutely stunning in her GORGEOUS dress… Just beautiful. Rami was such a gentleman to her… his care for her was so apparent and it was a beautiful thing to see. They honored each other greatly. One thing that all of our clients have in common is that they appreciate and value photography. Photography is one of the most important things for them on their wedding day. They trusted us with everything and they were so pleasant to photograph. Loved their culture, their music and FOOD too! The dance floor never stopped and I truly enjoyed just getting to watch what their culture enjoy. Marah + Rami, you guys have been so wonderful to us and we very thankful for that. We had the best time with you guys and more than anything, getting to know you was the best. Celebrating you both on your most special day is something we will always treasure. Blessings upon your marriage and all your future endeavors… Thank you for choosing us and we hope that you love your wedding photos.

With much love,

Craig + Unchong