Cherise + Joseph / The Tate House Wedding

The Tate House North Georgia Wedding Portraits_0097.jpg

“In a blink of eye” is what they told me… That statement has never been so true in my life. I remember when Cherise was a teen. How did we know her back then, you ask? Craig and I were working in the youth ministry together for many years. Teenagers were our life and we loved it! That’s where we met and that’s where we shared so many of our memories together as singles to when we began dating, to when we got engaged and got married. Cherise was a big part of that group. She has always been faithful, strong and beautiful…. I remember being able to rely on her when we needed an extra set of hands. She was a leader and was always willing to help wherever it was needed. I also remember her mom and her dedication… Back then, Craig and I had no kids, but after a year of marriage, we got pregnant! Well, that changed everything and after being placed on bed rest, I had to quit my job as the youth ministry’s assistant. I was there for five years and more than anything, it was hard to say goodbye to the students. For us, after our first child, the second happened and then the third. I don’t even know how we got here, but here we are 13 years later. Our oldest is 11 and our youngest is 6. Then, Cherise + Joseph contacted us that they were getting married. WHAT?! What was happening? Craig told me that we got a new lead, and he said that it was Cherise. It took me a bit and I said, “Wait! Cherise? Cherise Washington? Cherise Washington from 212??? She’s getting married? Wait, but isn’t she a teenager?” LOL. I was in shock. My mind was blown… completely and utterly. How, just how? It was in that moment that I knew that I would be in Cherise’s mom’s shoes soon too. Yeah, my oldest is only 11, but now I get it. I totally get it.

I thought it was so cool that after all these years, we had this opportunity to reunite with Cherise and Joseph in a very special way. These things are what makes our job very fulfilling. We were so honored to be able to capture their union. They had the most romantic ceremony at Tate House - it was our first time shooting there and it was awesome! We love NEW venues because it’s easier to be creative because it’s new! We had the best time walking around their property and every five seconds, we couldn’t help but gasp at every stunning scenery there. But nothing was more beautiful than our bride… She was breathtaking, and it was awesome to have a “front row seat” to watch Joseph react to her beauty. When they exchanged their vows, it was the most heartwarming thing ever! There were tears of joy, smiles, laughter and you could just sense God’s spirit with every word they spoke to one another. Joseph was the kindest groom we’ve ever met, and there was no doubt that he adored his bride. Being at their wedding almost felt like a reunion for Craig and I. There were familiar faces and it was so great to see them too.

Cherise + Joseph, you guys have been so wonderful! We thank you once again for choosing us to be your photographers. We are so happy that we got reconnected. We hope that you LOVE your photos as much as we do or even more! You guys are so photogenic and it was a joy to photograph a couple who are beautiful inside and out. May God’s grace be upon you always…

With much love,

Craig + Unchong