Elizabeth + Thomas / Sweetwater Creek Park Engagement

sweetwater creek park engagement portraits_0002.jpg

Behind the scenes, many situations can arise during wedding planning season or when you’re planning for a photo shoot. Most people just see the end results which are beautiful photos and to most people, everything looks easy. But, if you’ve prepared for a shoot before or if you’ve experienced a session with us, there are many surprising things that happen. You first have to decide on a location. If you don’t know that, you have to at least now what kind of style you want. You then have to choose a couple of outfits. Choosing even one is hard sometimes, but two? Yeah… sometimes that seems impossible. Then, there’s the makeup, the hair and accessories too. It’s a lot! But, not for our couple, Elizabeth + Thomas. Elizabeth emailed me saying that she wanted to shoot at Sweetwater Creek Park and boom that was done! I then asked her to send me photos of her outfits and just like that, that was done too. She was so easy to work with. I just love people who know what they want! Not only that, they know how to have fun… How many of you know that when you do a shoot with Craig, you have to have a sense of adventure. Yeah… there many things like climbing rocks, hiking and sweating that they didn’t expect. Let me tell you… modeling is not an easy job! That’s one thing that our clients are surprised by. Holding poses sometimes is very hard. After being in this business is when I knew how to appreciate the skill of modeling. The physical tiredness is something that most clients don’t expect. But, even in this aspect, Elizabeth + Thomas made it all seem fun. As you can see in the photos, they had a great time and couldn’t stop showing off their love with their bright smiles. They were very natural and genuine in front of the camera and that’s what makes great portrait photography. Elizabeth + Thomas, you guys nailed it! Thank you for being who you are and making photographing easy. It’s been a pleasure planning everything with you and we can’t wait for your BIG DAY!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong