Sade + Mandela / Ritz Carlton & Southern Exchange Ballroom Wedding

Ritz Carlton 200 Peachtree Southern Exchange Wedding Photography_0069.jpg

Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding… I know I did. I often pictured myself in the most beautiful wedding dress. Don't laugh, but my favorite movie has always been and always will be “Steel Magnolias”. It’s an old 80s movie with Julia Roberts and in that movie, she has the most “pink” wedding. Oh, excuse me… Julia Roberts would correct me and say, “blush and bashful”. So, from the first time I watched that movie which was when I was a little girl, I knew that I too wanted to have a pink wedding and guess what? I DID! Everything was planned in my head and I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. I just needed to find a man and when Craig came along and he asked me to marry him, it was just a matter of getting what I had in my mind. After about two years after we got married was when we started our business and since then, we have shot over 300 weddings. Can you believe that? Omg… that’s a LOT! Yes, every single one of those weddings have been special, but there are a handful of weddings that I consider totally magical and simply a dream. And yes, Sade + Mandela’s was one of them. I will forever remember their wedding day… I remember going home from their wedding thinking, “Wow, that was the best wedding we have ever shot.” As wedding photographers, what more could we have asked for? We have learned over the years that what you see is not what makes a wedding beautiful. Sade + Mandela’s wedding was of course stunning…. her dress, the decor, the cake, the music, the tress!, the food. But, above all those things that everyone expects on a wedding day, it was the bride and the groom that stood out to me more than anything. They were both so kind, gentle, respectful, humble, sweetest human beings EVER! The beauty that contained inside of them is what made their outward appearance seem even more extravagant. Now, that’s true beauty. The beauty within always shines more and that’s how I will remember their wedding. We had a great time all throughout the day with them as well as with their family members and friends. I’ll never forget the tears of joy that flowed when Mandela saw his bride walk down the aisle. They both cried and it was the sweetest thing. They just couldn’t contain the emotions… Sade + Mandela, we had the greatest time with you guys. Thank you for being amazing and so easy to work with. The first sneak peek of your photo on Instagram that we posted is now our most liked photo ever! We hope that you love your photos as much as do or hopefully MORE! Photographing you guys have been a joy and an honor. Blessings to you both and your marriage!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong