Meredith + Patrick / The Piedmont Room & Park Tavern Wedding

The Piedmont Room Park Tavern Wedding Portraits_0033.jpg

If you’re from Atlanta, you know that our nickname is “HOTlanta”, right? This summer so far has been quite unpredictable. A crazy heat wave came upon us in May, and it was quite the heat wave. Records were being broken left and right and it left everyone wondering whatever happened to Spring. But, for us Atlantans, this is what we’re used to. We are used to overcoming all sorts of unpredictable weather and always coming out of them strong and well. Yes, Meredith + Patrick’s wedding day was hot, but there was something hotter that day. THEM! And their love…. yes, I know that’s cheesy, but hey, I always say that the cheesier your love, the better! But seriously, Meredith’s wedding dress was (insert wow emoji here) and she looked marvelous in it. I just LOVE lace dresses! Gosh, if my hubs ever propose to me again, I would so pick a lace dress. I think it’s so feminine and romantic! Lace dresses were not the style when we got married 13 years ago. The style back then was so “the 90s” like my daughter tells me. lol!

And yes, we had a HOT groom too! Patrick looked so HAPPY and dapper in his tux! What I remember about Patrick from their engagement session is his laughter. He has THE most contagious laugh…. when I see someone like Patrick who is happy all the time, I truly admire that. He brings so much joy wherever he goes and whoever he’s with. And, I notice that Meredith laughs even more when she’s around him too. She just can’t help it. Their giggles even make me laugh and smile. On the way to their wedding, Craig said, “I hope Patrick brought his shoes today.” lol That’s an inside joke and if you want to know why Craig said that, please read their engagement blog post. ;)

What else was hot? All of their wedding details… Meredith did an excellent job in putting everything together. Every detail she chose was very classy and timeless. This may sound easy to do, but it’s actually not. You really have to have good taste and know what your’re doing as you make decisions on the gazillion things you have to choose for your wedding day. From her big decisions like her venue to the small details like her dress belt and invitations, it went perfectly well. I absolutely her taste and style!

As any photographer especially in Atlanta would say, “we will take heat over rain any time.” It rained cats and dogs on Craig and I’s wedding day. There’s was no break… there was no way we could step outside even for a minute or two to get outdoor photos, so we don’t have one. Not even one, and our photographer was not adventurous like Craig who would totally get soaked if he had to. So yeah… wedding pictures get very personal for us and if you can just go outside and get your photos no matter what condition, we will do just that! Meredith and Patrick also did a great job in hiring one of the best planners we know, Suzanne White. Ya’ll… if you need a planner, you have to check her out! She is THE most hard working planner that we know. She does whatever she can to get it done and help in any way possible. Knowing it was hot, she came out during the portraits time to make sure our couple was not dehydrated. She fed our bride through a straw the vital water she needed to make it through. (See the photo below.) It takes a team of people to make wedding days happen, and the planner is the one that brings that team together or breaks them apart, and let me tell you… Suzanne knows how to bring a team together and do it well, and for that, we thank you, Suzanne!

Meredith + Patrick, your wedding day was just beautiful I could go on and on about it for days! We hope that you love your captured wedding memories. It was such a pleasure being there with you and celebrating your union. Thank you for allowing us to be part of it, and oh yeah, Montell Jordan loved it too. ;) May you have a blessed marriage!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong