Consuella + Robert / Villa Christina Wedding

Villa Christina Atlanta Wedding Photographer_0032.jpg

Words are powerful. It can literally uplift or destroy someone. God created this world with his words… nothing else. In the same way, God gave us the power in our tongues; hence, what we say must be taken seriously. I begin with this because encouraging words is what we received from Consuella + Robert. I got to meet this beautiful couple at their engagement session for the first time and if the encouragement that they gave us was not enough from there, they did again on their wedding day. Robert told us so many times of how he thinks what we do is great and that us being able to create beautiful things together as a married couple is wonderful. He said so much more… I wish I had a recording of it to listen to it again and again whenever I need encouragement. They exert so much positivity and joy to everyone around them and family and friends that came to honor and celebrate them on their wedding day proves that. There were many family members especially on Robert’s side and wow, they were the most friendly family members ever! They were so joyful and meeting them made me have so much hope for my future. I think Consuella + Robert only attract sweet people because even every single vendor that they hired were so pleasant to work with. It was great to see even their photo booth vendor! He was one of the groomsmen in our previous wedding and it was so great to see him!

Oh, and how can I not bring up how stunning Consuella was on this blog?! Yes, our bride was breathtakingly gorgeous. She chose the most perfect fitting dress for herself. Even when I met her at their engagement shoot, I thought she was a model! Her height, her figure and just her beauty all around was exceptional, and photographing this hot couple together was an easy task for us. I mean, with a good looking couple like that, how can you take bad photos, right? Loved meeting her sister and friend who were in her bridal party too.. the whole wedding party was super fun even when we got kicked out of the area that we had planned shooting. ;) The security was not having a good day that day, but what can I say... he was just doing his job. Hey, that’s just part of wedding photography, and we still made it happen in other areas, so ha!

Loved how they had a candy bar at the reception. I couldn’t resist getting a piece here and there hehe… I saw Craig putting his hands in those Mike and Ike’s jar several times too. LOL! They put a lot of detail in the wedding and my fav part was the customized chocolate bites with their names on the front and on the back, they listed love, joy and happiness as the ingredients among things. (See below for the photos.)  I showed our kids after the wedding and our younger daughter thought it was the cutest thing.

Consuella + Robert, it was a pleasure… Working with you guys have been so pleasant and peaceful and just amazing! Thank you for hiring us to do a job that we love. We are very grateful for you and once again, thank you for the words you’ve poured into our lives.  It means so much more than you can imagine.  We only wish you both and your family the best, and we pray that your love for one another will grow daily.

With much love,

Craig + Unchong