Emily + Cameron / Spring Lake Wedding

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Some people have a special gift in welcoming and making that person feel like family… They invite you, encourage you, feed you, ask about you… They just know how to simply love someone. It comes so naturally, so genuinely and authentically. Emily and her bridesmaids got ready at her parents’ house and as soon as we entered their home , that’s exactly how they made us feel. Completely and totally welcomed. I had to remind myself that I was “at work” and had to get work done. They showed us around their beautiful home and offered any help that we may need. I love meeting and talking to parents who have older kids… I learn so much from our conversations with them. I know that the time of when our kids get married will be here before we know it, and watching how gracefully Emily’s parents handle these milestones of life is beautiful to witness. You see, we shot their oldest daughter’s wedding about a year and a half ago and we now had the honor again to shoot their younger daughter’s. There’s the youngest daughter too and we hope that we will meet them again for that celebration as well! ;) When I see families like this, I can’t help but hope to be like them “when I grow up”. That our relationship with our kids will be as good as theirs are. This family gives me so much hope and so much to look forward to.

I’m a slow processor. I always need some time to think about things alone in a quiet place. So, as we were driving to the venue, I had a chance to process my experience in their home and prayed that I hope people leave our home feeling like the way I did. So encouraged and loved and inspired! I even told Craig, “You know, I really want to be like that…” To Emily’s parents… thank you for being such a great influence on us as parents. You have done such a wonderful job and you are one great example.

As we were approaching the ceremony time, it seemed that the weather couldn’t make up its mind. They had to make a decision whether to have the ceremony outdoors as planned or use plan B. As everyone tried to make that decision, we saw our dapper groom, Cameron in his awesome uniform! Oh, how much he reminded me of my dad in his uniform. My dad served in the Army for over 27 years and was one proud soldier. Because of that history, I absolutely LOVE being able to shoot military weddings.

Gosh, Emily + Cameron were the sweetest… really, you just can’t ask for a sweeter couple. They’re so easy to work with, so low maintenance with everything, and yes again, sweet! I just love them so much! Emily looked drop dead gorgeous in her dress and her hair…. omg, her long waves with her half up do was PERFECT for her look. Well, the rain decided to hold off, so everything went according to plan. Woot woot! We were so happy to be able to shoot at this new venue, Spring Lake Events. Their property is so picturesque and one shot we HAD to do was with our couple in the canoe! That was a MUST. There was no keeping Craig from that. He kept talking about it and as soon as we got to the venue, he knew exactly how it was going to go down.

So, night time came and Craig told me how he needed me to hold our gigantic flash across the other side of the lake. I was like, “But…. it’s pitch dark and I think there are snakes there?! I mean, I’ll do it, but can someone come with me just in case I get attacked by a vicious creature?” I know he wanted to roll his eyes at me, but because I’m his wife and he wants to have a good life, he asked the owner of Spring Lakes if he could walk down there with me. They even had a better idea! He drove me on their golf cart there! Yay! They helped so much because it started to drizzle again, so one lady held an umbrella over me because that flash can’t get any water on it. She completely understood because she said that she used to do wedding photography with her dad for years when she was younger. Wow! So, we had a great conversation about that! They were so helpful! Seriously you guys, if you need a venue and you like this style, please check them out! Their staff will treat you so well and give you an incredible experience! In the end, “the shot” is always so worth all the effort. Wow, I’m still so amazed at Craig’s talent and the vision he has. He’s the man!

Emily + Cameron, you guys have been wonderful. We thank you from the bottom of hearts for trusting us with your most special day. Your wedding day was filled with so much joy, and I know that you guys will make marriage look so easy and do a phenomenal job in conquering anything and everything that life may bring. We wish you guys a marriage that grows with love more and more each day. We are very grateful for you and your family. We hope that you enjoy every single photo and that these captured memories will always remind you of how your love story began.

With much love,

Craig + Unchong