Natacha + Freud / Piedmont Park Sunset & The City

Piedmont Park Sunset Atlanta Skyline Nightime_0018.jpg

Through our business, we get to meet our couples. And through our couples and their weddings, we get to meet other wedding professionals. Other wedding vendors are crucial to how a wedding day will flow for us. Working at a wedding is unique in that sometimes, you don’t know who you will have to work with until the day comes. It’s unique in that you have to become a team with people that you have never met before right away. There’s no time to get to know one another. There’s no time to know what their strengths, weaknesses, likes or dislikes are - you just somehow have to make it work and get the job done. Wedding vendors that we have to work closely with as photographers are wedding videographers. But, did you know that Craig used to be a videographer himself? Yes, that was his full time job at our church and then on the side, he used to film and edit wedding videos. When we were dating, I remember second shooting for him for like two weddings. After we’ve been married about a year, we decided that it was not for us especially because we were both working full time at our church. During that season, that was not our passion or calling at all. It was just a means of getting extra money on the side. But all that to say, because Craig has video experience, we know how to work with videographers. Well, guess what? That’s how we met Freud! We were shooting Rhandi + Jon’s wedding two years ago, and there came Freud! He was the videographer that day and it couldn’t have been a better day! Seriously, the whole world needs to know someone like Freud. He is honestly and seriously the nicest guy EVER! Need someone nice in your life? Let me introduce you to FREUD! The most humble, kind person to be around for sure… Since then, we shot another wedding with him too and when we knew that he was the videographer, we just knew that it was going to be a great day. There are many ‘unspoken’ etiquette between a wedding photographer and videographer, and Freud is the perfect guy to work with. We just know what we need without even speaking to each other. We can just look at each other and just ‘get it’.

Then, we got the news that he was engaged…. to the one and only Natacha. They wanted us to shoot their wedding. Say whaaaaaaaaat? When wedding professionals inquire us, it means that much more… When one professional can trust another professional, it says a lot and it meant so much to us. We were stoked and honored to have this opportunity. When their engagement shoot day arrived, we were so excited to have the best shoot and to have our fav videographer be in front of the camera this time! When Natacha texted us their outfits, we could not contain our excitement. How many of you know that outfits are CRUCIAL especially for engagement portraits? Everything plays its part into making “photography masterpiece” and yes, the pieces were coming together perfectly. Natacha looked FAAAAAAABULOUS especially in her white pant suit with the cape. Wow! And Freud, you cleaned up well! We have only seen each other in our “wedding work clothes”, so yes, Freud , you looked handsome! Together, they were perfect. Just perfect indeed. And just when I thought Freud is the nicest person on the planet, Natacha beat him! She was so sweet too! We had such a wonderful time just talking about various things with them (and his sister who came and was absolutely hilarious!). We walked around Piedmont Park for their first outfit and then went to a parking deck nearby. The skies were stunning just like them. And then my favorite part came…. After the shoot, we just talked and talked and talked and talked… I clicked so well with Natacha and sincerely enjoyed it. I could have talked to her for many more hours. Craig talked to Freud and we just hung out in the parking for like another hour. :) They probably thought… “Wow, they LOVE to talk!” LOL! And yes, we really do especially with such sweet and fun couple.

Natacha + Freud, we are SO happy for you guys. Thank you again for choosing us for the most special day of your lives! if we had this much fun on at your engagement shoot, I can’t imagine how much fun we will have on your wedding day. If you looked this great at your engagement shoot, I can’t imagine how incredible you will look on your wedding day either! You guys are both gorgeous inside and out… we hope that these photos will always remind you that your love is truly beautiful. See you on your wedding day….!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong