Ijeoma + Chima / A Tour of Atlanta and The Skyline Engagement

Atlanta Instagram Engagement Portraits Mural Skyline Sunset_0011.jpg

This year, half of our clients flew in to Atlanta to get their portraits done with us. Many times, they are originally from here, but because of school or jobs, they had to move to another part of the country. But, they’re having their wedding here in Atlanta because their family and friends are all here. They find out about us through Instagram, wedding planners or through our previous client’s or friend’s referral. It’s been such a different year in ways of getting inquiries and bookings, so we’ve been meeting couples from all sorts of places! For Ijeoma + Chima, they flew in from Texas. I still can’t get over that they came here just to get portraits done with us. I have to admit, it does feel special. :) Even though it was CRAZY hot, I always say that we will take that over rain anytime, so I was just thankful that it worked out.

Ijeoma knew what she wanted, and that made planning for this shoot so easy! She specifically wanted a couple of spots that spelled out “Atlanta” and then skyline background view of the city as well. Easy peasy! She sent us screen shots of the the mural that she had her heart set on and we made it happen! We loved seeing her happy and fulfilling our business motto, “Happy Bride, Happy Photographer”. :) We began with their Nigerian outfit which I absolutely loved. We’ve seen many Nigerian outfits before and theirs was unique in that it looked more modern. I fell in love with the turquoise color that she chose and the contrast it brought from Chima’s dark color and the way it popped from the backdrops was just PERFECT! And of course… they looked GOOD in it! What a picture perfect couple… they fought through the heat without any complaints and in fact, we laughed the majority of the time, so I couldn't have asked for more when it came to the way this session flowed.

They stayed very classy and regal with their dressy outfit at the end… seriously, what a BEAUTIFUL couple! They were so fun to hang out with and to talk to. So courteous, polite and sweet! We were on a parking deck at the end and guess what ya’ll? The security came to kick us out, but you know what? We were done! WHEW! They came right when we were packing up. OMG! We’ve shot at this deck for a couple of years now, and so how lucky were we that they came when we were totally finished?! We are bummed that we can't go back anymore, but very happy that this shoot got completed without any problems. Now, we just have to find another one. :) Love the adventure of our job…. hehe

Ijeoma + Chima, it’s been so fun with you guys! Driving and walking around Atlanta and seeing things that we’ve never seen before with you was very memorable to us! Thx for having such great ideas… photographing and capturing this season of your life felt so special. We can’t wait to see you on your wedding day and celebrate the best day of your life! Thank you for being amazing, and we hope that you will love and cherish these photos!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong