Mimi + John / St. Teresa of Avila & The Foundry at Rae’s Creek Wedding

The Foundry at Rae’s Creek St Teresa of Avila Wedding Portraits_0069.jpg

Family is everything… that’s a saying that I couldn’t relate to for a long time. I come from a broken family, and my mom is all the family I’ve had. There were times when she wasn’t there either and I was handed from place to place. But, God does miracles and even though my family didn’t look ideal or perfect, my mom’s remarriage saved us. My step father who I called, “Daddy” since the beginning was the only father I’ve ever known, and he raised me as his own. Since then, I had so much hope in a great family one day I could call my own and by His amazing grace, I am who I am and have what I have now. There are times still when I look at my husband and kids and wonder how it came to be. It is truly a miraculous gift… Coming from a past like that, when I see families like Mimi’s, it warms my heart so much. She doesn’t have just one sister, but four! Wow! What a blessing! And what’s so good about it is that they’re all so close. They “get” one another and the genuine love that they have for each other was a beautiful thing to witness. All of their friends and family who were gathered together were so sweet! They kept asking if we needed anything to drink and kept offering us food. We honestly don’t know what to expect with food on a wedding day because every family is so different. Some families feed us like we are their own children and some families don’t offer at all. LOL But, between the hospitality of Mimi and John’s families, we were full alllll day! Their wedding also brought back many sentimental memories because it was in Augusta, GA! I spent my entire adolescent years there… I haven’t been back in awhile, so it was nostalgic to see all the familiar areas. Even though I’ve lived there how many years, I’ve never been to the church where their ceremony took place, and wow, was it gorgeous or what? Loved the openness and just the gorgeous details of the building. But, nothing beat the beauty of our bride, Mimi! I fell in LOVE with her stunning dress and her complete bridal look. Speaking of family, we are so excited to be shooting John’s sister’s wedding in Decemeber! We booked her without meeting, so it was so good to meet her and her fiancé in person at the wedding as well. We are so honored to see these wonderful families again soon. Loved speaking with John’s mom… she was the sweetest! Their entire wedding party was so fun. It was super hot in Augusta that day, but they endured it like champs. I can’t imagine how hot guys get in their suits in this heat! Every shot was worth it especially when the videographer offered to do back flips! LOL That was the bomb diggity! Craig is always up for adventure especially with photos, so they worked together very well. Mimi + John, you guys were the best. Thank you SO MUCH for being such beautiful people. We appreciate you greatly, and we hope you fall in love with your captured wedding memories…

With much love,

Craig + Unchong