Brooke + Dennard / Piedmont Park and Mercedes Benz Stadium Atlanta Engagement Portraits

Piedmont Park Merecedes Benz Stadium Atlanta Skyline Enagagement Portraits_0025.jpg

Ok, so if you know Craig and I… we don’t watch sports. Like we seriously don’t. Ever. Well, I take that back because we watch the Olympics like maniacs (if that counts) and Craig VERY occasionally watch UFC matches. Because of this… I don’t know many sports team names, what city they’re from, no famous athlete’s names or anything! But, when I see the big G, the UGA or the red and black, I know clearly what it is, and I can’t help but make a sarcastic comment. You see, I went to GA Tech and the very FIRST thing that they teach you is this… “To hell with Georgia!” LOL! Literally, that is the first thing. So, I’m so brainwashed to think this way and just can’t go back…. but, I love our clients more than my passion to dislike Georgia, so yes, Dennard, I still helped Craig to the best of my ability. ;) So, you’re welcome. :)

Brooke + Dennard went to colleges that are complete rivalries too! The Tennessee Vols (I had to look that up.) and UGA. Brooke said, “We are a house divided.” LOL Loved the idea of photographing them with their respective team’s t-shirts with their matching shoes! Their shoes really perfectly completed their outfits. Well, they may be on a different college team, but they are on the same LOVE team. And that my friends is what matters most. Love… it is the greatest gift of all, and to be able to give it to someone and receive it back is truly the most magical and powerful thing any being can experience. As soon as we met Brooke and Dennard, we could sense that kind of love going on between them and it was a beautiful thing to see. We went around Piedmont Park and then to the Mercedes Benz and the State Farm Arena area. Their place has a view of the city and the city is what they do, so appropriately for their shoot, the city was the theme. They fought through the heat like pro Hotlantans, and looked fabulous in every outfit and every pose. Loved hanging out with these two and getting to know them. And oh yeah, don’t mess with Dennard. He can switch into a security guard mode very fast! (You had to be there to know…) Brooke + Dennard, you guys were such a delight! It was truly a pleasure and we can’t wait to see you again on your wedding day at the Biltmore! It’s going to be AMAZING!!!!! (Go Jackets! lol)

With much love,

Craig + Unchong