Ellen + Jeremy / Ashton Gardens Atlanta Wedding

Ellen Jeremy Wedding 283.jpg

Now that we’ve become “middle aged” and have kids that are entering their teenage years (wow that’s so weird to write), we can’t help but see weddings in a new light.  At the beginning of our business which is now more than a decade ago, we went to weddings and thought how we wished we could’ve done that, had this, worn a different dress, etc… But now, we can’t help but think of our kids’ future weddings and what that would feel like.  Every mom, every dad…. they say the same thing, and I don’t take it lightly. They say, “It will come before you know it.  You won’t believe how fast all this will happen.  They grow up quickly, so embrace the time that you have.”  There have been numerous times when we have shed tears at weddings especially during mother/son and father/daughter dances.  If I cry this much while watching others have those dances, what a hot mess I will be when it’s our turn.  No matter how much we try and intentionally have time with our children, it seems to never be enough.  We already have so many regrets, but what can I say?  There’s nothing we can do to change that… we can only look ahead.  That’s why I really enjoy talking to the parents of the couples.  I take their advice very seriously and try to listen.  I want to learn what they have to say because that experience is priceless.  

All that to say… Ellen’s mom was such a big part of this wedding, and it’s been such a joy getting to know her.  The love, the time, the effort that she has poured into this day has been admirable.  Yes, I do want to become like her “when I grow up” and have the relationship that she has with Ellen with my daughters.  This whole process with Ellen and Jeremy was so easy.  From the start, this couple knew what they wanted and got it done!  I love people like that!  Great decision makers, goal setters and people who just know how to get things done!  My favorite type of people!  :) I can’t believe that we did three shoots with them!  There was their engagement session, Ellen’s bridal session and here we are blogging their BEAUTIFUL wedding day.  They stayed classy with everything they chose for their wedding which is also our favorite kind too.  Ashton Gardens is one of our favorite venues… this place just knows how to run a venue!  They have that place running so perfectly.  When we shoot there, it feels like a second home to us.  We just know where to go, where to put our things, where to shoot, where not to shoot, where to eat, etc… 

Many people think that as long as the bride and groom are great, you’re going to have a wonderful wedding day.  No, that’s not the case at all!  In fact, how great our wedding day is usually comes from other vendors, the wedding party and the family members. And wow… let me tell you!  EVERYONE was so amazing!  So kind, so happy, so kind, so punctual, did I say kind? ;) Ellen + Jeremy, you guys have been incredible… really, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.  Thank you for being people who are so beautiful inside and out, and we really mean that!  It’s been a pleasure working with you and we hope that we will continue to be your photographers for all of your family’s future momentous days!  It’s been an honor and we only wish you the best of the best in all of your endeavors.  Many blessings to you!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong