Let's Smash Hunger!

For the last nine years, you have made a difference in our lives and now, it’s time for us to give back.  We want to partner with you in making an impact in the lives of children on the other side of the world in India!  It’s easy to just think about our own busy lives and daily struggles, but we believe that it’s the desire of every heart to help others.  It gives all of us so much joy when we choose to give to others in ways we never imagined.  So, let’s do this together!

This year, we are partnering with Smash Hunger of Supreme Task International to feed the hungry.  This addition to our business is what we are most excited about for 2017!  We have been to India ourselves and have seen this ministry in action.  Larry and Laurel Derstine are the incredible couple that began this organization.  We have known them for many years and trust in what they do.  They have dedicated their lives to these precious children, and we are absolutely honored to begin this journey with them through our business.  It was a humbling experience to spend a week with Supreme Task in April of 2015 and see all that they do for these children to make their lives a bit more comfortable.  These children are orphans… We have three kids of our own, and it’s almost impossible for us to imagine what our kids’ lives would be like without us.  It’s truly heartbreaking, but together, we can bring so much hope to their lives!  Would you like to see them?  Here’s a video that we had the privilege of making for them during that trip!  Take a couple of minutes to see their beautiful faces.

So, here’s what we will be doing…


With every wedding booking, we will be donating 500 meals to Supreme Task.  As soon as you book with us, a check will be sent to this organization.  Simple, right?  YES!  So, come and partner with us.  Do you have a wedding coming up?  We would love to capture your love story while helping those in need!  How perfect!  Can’t wait to hear from you… Contact us TODAY!