Rhandi + Jonathan / McDaniel Farm Park & Buckhead Engagement

Do you know someone in your life where EVERY time you have an encounter with them, they make you feel like a million bucks?  Well, I do, and his name is Jon, the groom of this engagement shoot.  I met him while shooting another wedding a couple of years ago.  From that moment, he told me that he wants me to shoot his wedding.  I was so honored, and as soon as he proposed to the love of his life, he called me and said, "it's on!"  I was super pumped!  The fact that he called just to tell me he got engaged meant so much to me.  He just compliments everything we do and it's just a nonstop encouragement session when I talk to him.  Forget million, I feel like a billion bucks!  Jon, I truly appreciate that so much... Well,  I got to meet him and his lovely bride together and just talked and talked and talked and got to know them.  But, it was as if we've known each other for years.  That's just the kind of people this couple is.  So approachable and inviting... They define "kindness".  I love Jon's energy!  He is so passionate about everything he loves, and his greatest love is Rhandi and it shows!  I had the hardest time choosing pictures for this blog post because I wanted to post every single one of them.  They were total naturals in front of the camera.  And, can I mention their sense of style?  Wow!  I know that I'll be showing this blog link to any future couples who need a great example of "what to wear" for their engagement shoot.  They were so good at knowing the style that fit them so perfectly... This couple definitely has the "wow factor"!  Jon and Rhandi, I am SO happy for you guys... hope this blog post brightens your holiday weekend even more.  It was such a pleasure going around town creating epic images of your love for one another.  Your wedding is going to be incredible!