Megan + Michael / Four Seasons Atlanta & Summerour Studio Wedding

Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta Summerour Studio Wedding Portraits_0030.jpg

As human beings, what matters to us most is the experience.  As consumers, we think that we are purchasing something, but in the end, we are purchasing an experience.  We choose certain stores or brands because we want the experience that they give us.  Same with weddings... It doesn't matter how fancy, expensive or beautiful a wedding may look, what we are going to remember from a wedding as the bride, the groom, the parents or the guests is how we experience the day.  All that to say, our experience at Megan + Michael's wedding was amazing.  This couple chose some awesome individuals for their wedding party which greatly affects a wedding day.  This is so important to us as photographers too!  For portraits time, they were so great to work with and took direction very well and fast!  Let's not forget our bride's sisters.  We always need someone that we can ask for help such as family members names, who's who and other various, random things that we don't want to bother the bride with.  We were so grateful for them and the help they so kindly provided.  Megan needless to say was stunning in her beautiful, classy dress and Michael was handsome as ever.  It's so heart warming to see our couples dance the night away and just really have fun during the reception.  It was a true celebration!  The band that they hired was more than spectacular with talent and entertainment.  They were so good at engaging with the crowd and getting them all pumped up.  You know they're good when they even make us wanna dance!  For those of you currently planning a wedding, a good DJ or a live band is one area that you do NOT want to compromise in.  Just like anything else, you get what you pay for, and trust me... a DJ can either make or break your reception experience.  Well, this couple sure did choose a wonderful band and wow!  It was so fun!  The dance floor was full of action all night and it's so fun to photograph a dance floor that's full of life!  Megan + Michael, we know that you will remember your wedding day so well and so clearly because I know your experience was great.  You made us enjoy it so much too!  You guys were more than just our clients... thank you for being wonderful friends to us.  We are so grateful!  Once again, congratulations! 

With much love,

Craig + Unchong