Jasmine + De'Shawn / The Biltmore Ballroom Atlanta Wedding

The Biltmore Ballroom Wedding Portraits Atlanta Skyline_0056.jpg

Just like many things in our world, trends change especially in the world of weddings. Craig and I got married over 13 years ago, and back then, most of us had our weddings during the day. Our ceremony time was 11am! It’s just unheard of these days… Now, the majority of weddings are in the evenings and the reception go til late night. But, not Jasmine + De’Shawn’s - their ceremony began at 2pm, so everything got done by 7:30pm! It was so weird for us to be home before the sunset! Even our kids were like, “YOU’RE HOME SO EARLY!!!” Their wedding reminded me of our wedding so much… Everything started early and everyone was so chill, so the day ran smooth like butter! :) And top of that, it was at the Biltmore Ballrooms, which is one of our favorite venues in Atlanta. We have shot here countless times and every time, it seems to get better. They got some amazing renovations done in the past year, so it’s even more beautiful!

Jasmine looked gorgeous in her dress… loved her timeless style. She looked totally classy as well as De’Shawn in his black tux. His expression was absolutely priceless as she walked down the aisle to meet him as his bride for the first time. One of my favorite moment was when all of the guests literally gasped when she entered the ballroom. As photographers, we have the privilege of getting close to the bride and groom and with with certain lens, we can see even closer of their expressions. We get to see every smile, every wink, every glance that they give to one another and it’s those moments that gives us purpose as photographers. I mean, what a moment, right? Ceremonies are not very long, but it’s the most significant time of your life. It’s when you make a vow to someone…. when do we ever do that with anyone else in our lives? It’s seriously a big deal and to be able to capture it for our couples and their families to treasure for generations is truly an honor.

We are so thankful to have met this couple through one of our previous bride’s referral. They work together, and words can't describe the gratefulness we have towards that. Loren, thank you once again for connecting us to this amazing couple! Jasmine + De’Shawn, it was a pleasure… we had so much with you guys especially at the end when we drove to the nearby parking deck together. The view was amazing and those turned out to be our favorite images from your wedding day. As much as the pictures turned out beautiful, we pray that your marriage is even better. That you will cherish each day with one another and to always remember your wedding day and the vows exchanged when the good and the bad times come. Thank you for everything and we hope you enjoy looking at your wedding portraits over and over again.

With much love,

Craig + Unchong