Patrice + Johnathan // Grand Hyatt Hotel & Atlanta Skyline Engagement

I clearly remember the first time we met Patrice and Johnathan.  We were photographing one of our past bride’s getting ready portraits on her wedding day.  This took place at the bride’s home where she had a couple of other roommates, and Patrice was one of them!  There were many people in the house because all of her bridesmaids were getting ready there as well.  Johnathan was there and few other family members too.  The first time I talked to them, they were cooking my all time favorite food; bacon.  Yes…. you know us Canadians… we gotta have our bacon!  I remember them cooking this on the stove, and I seriously wanted a piece so badly :)hehe.  More than bacon however, I remember how much I loved talking to them.  We of course didn’t get to speak too long, because I was working and photographing our bride’s wedding day!  In the little time we got to talk, Patrice and Johnathan expressed how much they loved our photography and how they wanted to use us for their wedding coming up.  I was so stoked!  Well, you know what happened next because here we are blogging their engagement portraits.  :)  After that day, we met with them at a local coffee shop and really got to know them more there.  We totally enjoyed hearing how they met, why they love each other so much, the joys and struggles of life, etc… Loved seeing these two love birds interact with one another and just learning about why and how they love each other so deeply.  These two will probably be the sweetest people you will meet.  They are truly gorgeous and beautiful inside and out.  They are professional runway models, so I was just extra stoked about photographing experienced models!  Sure enough, their engagement shoot was nothing less than incredible.  We had such a great time during the whole shoot.  I love that they laughed at all of my corny jokes.  :)  Their sweet dog, Khloe, came along for a few shots too, and you guys, you’re going to love those shots!  The session couldn’t have been any better.  The sun glowed so perfectly…. the weather was just perfect.  The couple looked absolutely amazing and we truly had a great time.  Patrice and Johnathan, we just can’t wait for your wedding in just a couple of months!  We are going to have the best time… thank you for choosing us to be your photographers.  We are honored and am thankful to have met you when you were making your breakfast.  :)