Shayla + Gregory / High Museum & Atlanta Skyline Engagement

High Museum Midtown Atlanta Skyline Portraits_0010.jpg

I’m sure that we’ve all heard, “opposites attract”, right? From my experience, that’s very true, but at the same time, you gotta have a lot in common too. I love that Shayla + Gregory incorporated something that they love into their engagement shoot. When we were discussing the details of their shoot, Shayla told me that she wanted their ‘casual’ outfit to be sportswear. They love sports especially Greg. He has a collection of hats and shoes, so we made sure to take a few shots of his fav things. In a world with endless options, knowing what you want definitely helps in planning things. They went neutral with all of their choices, and I loved it! I believe that neutral outfits really bring YOU out more… more than the outfits. So, all that to say… great job, guys!

I think we can all agree that it’s been one long summer… It’s October ya’ll and it’s still so hot! What is going on? Shayla’s shoot was two weeks ago, and it was even hotter. Whew! It was so hot that our intern that came to the shoot with us kind of got dehydrated at the very last shot. Heat is no joke, so please please please hydrate to your summer shoots! We saw Greg sweat, but he came prepared with a towel and everything, but Shayla… you looked like you didn’t even break a sweat! How do you do that? I wish that was the case for me because when I’m hot, my sweat glands will definitely let you know! LOL They came with huge water bottles with ice in it and everything, so bravo for planning it so well. They both toughed it out like pros and never once even complained. We didn't let the heat steal our joy, so we all had a wonderful time. They live like a mile away from High Museum, so it made the shoot that much more intimate and special! Shayla + Greg, you guys were amazing! Absolutely loved getting to know you both and we can’t wait to partaaaay at your wedding!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong