Zehra + Mohsin / Cator Woolford Gardens & Ponce City Market Engagement

Cator Woolford House Ponce City Market Engagement Portraits_0010.jpg

It's still kinda crazy to me that some of our clients either fly here or fly us to their location for shoots.  This October marks 10 years of our business which is just crazy wild to believe.  I look back and sometimes it's all a blur because everything happened so fast, but then again, I remember every detail of the journey.  Something we have no control over is time and what time does without us even realizing is fascinating, don't you agree?  I think because the "tick tock" never ceases, we all the more need to be thankful for every second that's given to us and use it wisely.  

I enjoyed planning this portrait session with Zehra so much.  We had to make sure that the timing was just right for this to happen.  You see, Zehra had to catch a flight at 11:30pm right after the shoot and Mohsin had a big test to take!  Thank God the weather totally cooperated and that everything flowed so well.  Zehra + Mohsin are having an Indian wedding, so she wanted to wear a white dress for her engagement session.  What a great idea!  As expected, she totally looked stunning and I love the classic look that they went for for that part of the shoot.  Their second location had a totally different look at Ponce City Market, and they looked wonderful in that too!  Gosh, they just look so good in any style... We are now planning the details of their wedding, and we can't wait to see this beautiful couple again very soon.

Zehra + Mohsin, this blog post is proof that you guys are beautiful and so in love... We are super duper happy for you both, and we are looking forward to seeing you again!  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong