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If you're a parent reading this blog, I think we can all agree that we need our own little quiet space sometimes.  You know, from humans called children?  ;)  I grew up as an only child and I'm still not used to all the "noise".  As a mother of three, silence is all I need and want.  After a full day with the kiddos, I love coming to our own room to just unwind after they go to bed.  So, we gifted ourselves this new, renovated bedroom.... we finally decided to give ourselves something.  After having children, I always felt like we had to give to the kids all the time and any funds would go to them first and foremost, but I realized that that's not good parenting either.  I don't know why I would always feel guilty if I bought anything for myself or Craig before the children.  I know that guilt is not from God, so I had to get that right.  When Craig suggested that we update our bedroom, I felt a release and said, "OK!"  We had the best time shopping together for our furniture which was first set of bedroom furniture EVER for us!  We always had cheap pieces here and there, but not anymore!  We went all out and wow it felt so good!  I just love creating anything with my hubby!  My friend, Yuni, helped me with the knick knacks on the dresser and I had so much fun shopping with her too.  And... you know what I'm going to emphasize more than anything in our room, right?  That's right!  The CANVASES!  I mean what's a photographer's bedroom without pictures?!  The canvas photo was taken for our 10 year anniversary (We've been married for 12 years now!), and we really wanted the canvas to be the focus of the room decor as all of our rooms are.  This image was split into three canvases.  It's all custom designed, and I'd be happy to do this for you too!  With our designs, there's no guessing game with what size or which photo will look best on your wall because you'll see it exactly digitally the way it will look BEFORE you place your order.  So, contact me and let's get started on your wall!  The feeling you get after completing a space for you is absolutely priceless and I want that for you!  Here's a blog post to show you the step by step process we take and if reading a post is not for you, here's a video!  ;)  Thx for the read and hope this has inspired you to renovate your bedroom for you and your love too!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong

Paint - Sherwin Williams Revere Pewter

Chandelier - Pier 1 Imports

Furniture - Haverty's Welcome Come Line

Wall boards - Home depot

Clock, Hamper, Bench, Vase, Corner Dresser and Chairs - all from Home Goods

Lamps - World Market