Brooke + Brooks / Willow Creek Farm Wedding

Willow Creek Farm North Georgia Mountain Marines Military Wedding_0075.jpg

As I grow older and older, I realize more and more that life for anyone and everyone is full of joys and challenges.  There are days that are the best, but there are days that fall short.  But, there's this thing called hope that allows us to cling and to hold onto something much greater called love.  We have faith that love is what gives us any reason to live this life and to live it fully and abundantly.  And just like anything else, it's our choice to make love our purpose and through those choices, we have fruit of love which is an everlasting joy and happiness.  Brooke and Brooks made that choice... that choice to love one another no matter what life may throw at them.  There have been ups and downs in their lives, but they have overcome them and through that, they're stronger!  Their wedding ceremony was a declaration of their strength and willingness to make each other and their marriage their most valuable and sacred thing and wow, it was beautiful... Their wedding setting was very stunning, but not more than the bride who was just flawless.  Brooks looked so sharp in his uniform as he proudly walked down the aisle to receive his bride. If you know us, we love and are so proud of our military and we can't thank our groom enough for his service to our nation.  It was wonderful to see our bride and groom's family and friends come together to support and celebrate this beautiful couple... If I had to choose one word to describe this wedding, it would be "peaceful".  I think you'll agree that as you view this blog post, you too will get a sense of peace... there was no stress which is unusual on a wedding day... Everyone and everything felt so calm and sweet.  There was no rush, no anxiety... it was just a very well prepared and well planned wedding day and it was wonderful to see a bride and groom do nothing but enjoy their most significant day of their lives with one another.  Brooke + Brooks, thank you for an amazing time!  We had so much fun with you guys and we wish you much happiness in your marriage.  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong