Alexis + Jensen / Stone Mountain & Velcoma at the Yellow River Wedding

Stone Mountain Georgia Wedding Velcoma at the Yellow River_0032.jpg

The best day of your life.... Everyone knows that this happens on your wedding day.  It's so cool to witness this happen to many couples weekend after weekend and yet, it never gets old.  We get teary at every wedding... every wedding moves us and is a reminder that love never fails and that it's the greatest gift we all have the freedom to receive.  Well, Alexis + Jensen offered and received that love from one another and when they did, everything started to come together in their lives.  We got to know them before they got engaged at their friend's wedding.  They told us that they were going to get engaged soon and when they did, they'll contact us.  I totally remember speaking to them then and you could tell that in their eyes, they just couldn't wait for this day to come.  Sure enough, we found out that they got engaged and as they said, they contacted us and we had the best time hearing their love story and their personal stories during their consultation.  It was so touching and through that meeting, I was once again amazed at how God can heal and restore our lives and make all things new.  We clearly remember laughing so much and just enjoying our time with them.  They're both hilarious!!  We love their sense of humor!  We of course had the best time during their engagement shoot and couldn't wait for their wedding day to get here! Guess what we're doing now??!  Blogging their wedding day story... OMG, Alexis looked dropped dead gorgeous in her dress that fit her perfectly. She has the most flawless complexion that we have ever seen and on her wedding day, she literally glowed.  Jensen was calm as he could be like he always is and we couldn't wait for these two to see one another during their first look.  They made a wise decision to have a moment with one another before the ceremony which allowed so much time for their wedding portraits.  We had the most cooperative wedding party and they were all so great to work with.  There were 300 guests at their wedding which made it our largest wedding yet!  It was wonderful to see our bride and groom greet their guests so happily and for all those folks from near and far to come to celebrate their union was quite a sight to see.  They danced the night away as the party continued through the night.  Alexis + Jensen, it was so heart warming to see you both smile, laugh and really enjoy your wedding celebration.  We are so happy for you both and it's crazy to think that this is only the beginning of your dream.  There's so much more and greater in store for you and we can't wait to see how God will reveal those things in your lives through your marriage.  May you continue to be blessed!  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong