Mimi + John / Savannah River Rapids & Buckhead Atlanta Portraits

Savannah River Rapids Augusta Rain Buckhead Engagement Portraits_0024.jpg

For Mimi + John's session, we got to see them not once, but twice!  They had a special engagement ceremony in Augusta back in May and so we did some portraits for them there, and then this month, they came up to Atlanta to get some city shots here.  In Augusta, it brought back so many memories for us.... you see, I grew up there my preteen and teenage years.  My parents lived there for years and that used to be where I called "home".  It was "home" until about two years ago when my mom finally moved in with us.  So yeah... Augusta has a special place in my heart.  It's so funny because when I lived there, I NEVER went to the Savannah River Rapids... it's literally down the street from where I used to live, and I can't believe I didn't go to that beautiful spot!  It really is true that we take things for granted when we have it, right? I'm really trying not to do that with my current home in Atlanta.  Locals here often say that there isn't much to do around here, but I beg the differ.  There are TONS of things to do, and we are trying to get a bit creative with our adventures with our kids this summer locally.  Well, Mimi came in her beautiful outfit and had a wonderful time reminiscing while taking photos of our beautiful couple at the same time.  You think it's HOTlanta?  Think again because Augusta is definitely hotter, but you'd never know seeing the photos right?  They were both such troopers with the weather!  Loved meeting their families at the engagement ceremony!

Now, let's talk about their session #2 in Atlanta.  As we mentioned many times this summer, it has been one unique summer as far as weather is concerned.  We have been having afternoon thunderstorms as if we are Florida.  Weather has been unpredictable, and even the hourly forecast has been way off.  Well, after rescheduling once already, the weather seemed to fine and then nope, it changed its mind.  It didn't just sprinkle, it full on rained the entire shoot.  By this time, it was too late to even discuss rescheduling again because our couple drove long distance here from Augusta.  But, hey... we're pretty good at making the best out of what we got, and that's what we had to do so you might as well have fun doing it, right?  First, let me just say that Mimi + John were incredible about this whole situation.  Not one complaint!  In fact, they were excited to be able to do a shoot like this!  Say whattt?  You know that Craig is up for anything, so between these guys and their positive attitude and adventurous minds, they shot while being soaked for the whole shoot.  When Craig came home completely wet, I was like... "What happened to you?" LOL!  I so appreciated our couple, Craig and our amazing assistant, Hailey, for being such hard workers and team players.  Hailey is good at somehow multitasking holding the flash, holding the lens and camera all the while trying to get Insta story footages for me.  Hailey, we appreciate you more than words can express!  Mimi + John, thank you for being so fun and cool!  We hope that you love all your pics because I sure do!  We can't wait to celebrate your wedding day with you and see you all again.  Thx again for everything!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong