Ellen + Jeremy / Montaluce Winery Engagement Portraits

Montaluce Winery Vinyard Engagement Portraits_0024.jpg

Gems are precious because they’re rare. Gems are valuable because they’re hard to find. And every gem is special because there’s nothing else like it… every single one of them are unique. Isn’t love like that too? Love is not easy to find and the love you have between you and your significant other is like no other relationship that exists and there never will be. When you see it in that perspective, isn’t it just amazing? I believe that love is a miracle. For you to find someone out of literally billions of people in this world, it’s quite hard to comprehend just how special that is. So yes, engagement is a big deal. Weddings are a big deal. It will only happen once and it deserves to be captured beautifully. I love that Ellen + Jeremy chose a stunning place for their e-session. This place is called Montaluce Winery and it’s a hidden gem itself too! I’ve been there a couple of times and always thought that the scenery was quite breathtaking. One day, we would love to go back and eat at the restaurant there… the view is just spectacular! (For those of you who are wondering, yes, this place is a wedding venue too.) It was so easy to plan this shoot with Ellen because from the beginning, she knew what she wanted. When I asked her what they would be wearing, she was ready to go with that too! She chose a classy venue, and I can’t wait to see what her classy and timeless wedding is going to be like! Love, love, LOVE her sense of style! Just so simple and elegant… They asked if they could have their dog in a few pics, and said of course! We definitely do this for our couples. We have the dog in a few at the beginning of the shoot and ask for them to bring a family member to take care of the dog for the rest of the shoot. Now, if you know me, I love animals, but I’m afraid of them. I wish I didn’t have this fear at all and trust me, I’ve gotten so much better about this only because I didn’t want to show our kids fear. But, when I was little, I got bit a couple of times, so ever since I just don’t know how to interact with them. When Craig is there, I feel safe, and as mentioned, I’ve gotten over most of my fear, but there was something about Maverick because I’m telling you…. I was TOTALLY fine. I just had this complete trust that he wouldn’t bite, and I actually enjoyed him with his cute bowtie and all. He was adorable and just so stinkin’ cute! He made me feel so comfortable. So for that, Maverick, thank you for allowing me to stay cool and professional. :) You were seriously the best dog EVER and have given me hope in overcoming my fear totally! :) Ellen + Jeremy, you guys have been so wonderful and sweet to be around. It was fun walking around the Montaluce property with you guys and photographing this special season of your lives. We can’t wait to see you again… You guys are going to look beyond incredible and we are so excited to create more stunning images of your love for you! Thank you, and until then… happy planning and we hope you love your engagement portraits!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong